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  1. First off, to no offense to the Wiki Contributors, I am a bit disappointed about the lack of information about some items.
    • Please add the amount of hearts for each new mob
    • Add pictures of Item Lores to all Custom Items
    Now for my suggestions
    • Please make a page for Voting
      • Add the Goals
        • Example: 50 votes Prize: xxxx 100 Votes 100 Votes Prize: xxxx
    • Add the newer items (Dragon Stones, Dragon Stone Fragments, etc)
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    I support this, I need to know exactly what I'm working towards!
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  2. That is all a work in progress. Do not know about the hearts for mobs. Also, some of that stuff only aikar/the developers know.
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  3. +1. Whilst I'm sure the Wiki Contributers are doing much more then we think, there are some tid-bits of information not listed... But uh, wasn't there a way to PM the Wiki Contributers? Or am I just thinking of the bug tracker team?
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  4. There is a way, I just want this publicly voted upon.
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  5. It would have been nice for this to be in a PM to us, I might not have seen this, but I'll address some things.
    That, I have been thinking of, if somebody know them for sure, send them my way.
    Not strictly needed, we have the lore in the table on the right.
    Could easily be added to the vote page, but you'll have to bug Jack/Aikar on that one, can't edit.
    The others are in progress.
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  6. *sniff*
    dragon stones
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  7. Forgive my failings....
  8. 'Carbon Neutral' :p