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  1. Good spot! All fixed. Thanks for the heads up :)

    If you ever find a mistake in future, so that contribution team members are notified, please send a private message and include a few of us in the conversation. Thanks again!
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  2. The same is the case for the event one

    Edit: sorry I posted this here, but since the thread already existed, I just posted it here
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  3. Fix'd.
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  4. Sorry for responding to an older thread but I felt something was missing... So to quote my colleague FDNY up there (without direct quoting so that I don't trigger unneeded alerts):

    And in case you wonder who we are then please check the Meet the Teams wiki page. As you can see us contribs are so cool that we require 2 wiki pages to list us all :D More seriously: that's the best way to find someone.

    And like wow, that gave me an idea :) But that's for somewhere else ;)
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  5. I just realized someone replied to this thread :eek:
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  6. Which you totally succeded in by liking my post :p:p
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  7. Just don't tell FDNY about it and we'll be fine :p
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  8. I got alerts anyway! FDNY knows! :p
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  9. :cool: I wanna join the contribution party we have going on here ayyye