wierd mobs

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  1. Hi guys, i am a veteran to emc that hasnt played minecraft since 1.2.5, and i do not know what these "
    wierd mobs" are such as the tyurkey or nether wolf or whatever...what do i do with them?
  2. Well turkeys no longer spawn but in theory you would kill them for good rewards. You can go to /tutorial again i think there is a spot on custom mobs
  3. Actually, the turkeys ARE still spawning.
  4. The turkeys aren't still spawning, any turkeys you find are just left over from thanksgiving, meaning someone got the chat alert, but never found the turkey and it just chills there for a very long time
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  5. i found one...but couldnt kill it
  6. Nah it just takes a long time it has tons of health
  7. I spent 30 minutes trying to kill a turkey with a stick while i was in the end because i didn't bring a sword....

    It drops nothing -_-
  8. It's supposed to drop things, but it doesn't if the server thinks the fight was unfair.

    In reaction to the OP: Cool, huh? :) Did you already encounter an enraged zombie, skeleton or creeper?