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  1. Nooooooooooooo!
  2. This is emc's 729th day according to EST, so tomorrow is the official 2 year date.
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  3. I bumped the thread, dont worry :p
  4. Yes. I noticed.
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  5. I have been waiting all day for ICC or JG to post a thread about this…
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  6. :eek: cool! happy b day emc (tomorrow)
  7. Happy birthday, EMC! :D
  8. EMC armor cmon where are you.
  9. Happy (almost) bday EMC!
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  10. I know why! 2012 was a leap year. There was an extra day.
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  11. Happy bday EMC ( I wonder if there's gonna be a party )
  12. Wow, happy birthday EMC :D
  13. Derp. :p
  14. Happy Birthday EMC!
  15. Ohh I gotta make some money in case they bring out some limited edition items *Runs and sells everything he's got*
  16. Happy birthday EMC. May you lead a long and healthy life as a server and not get too many wrinkles.
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  17. (sing song) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me... happy birthday dear emc... 2 years - yeh baby (austin powers voice)