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  1. Hello Fellow friends of the Empire <--- read that in some King Henry the 8th voice ;)

    i've tried, and i've tried, over and over again... to over come my boredom. with no luck. (apparently)
    so, i want to see if any Empire citizens can help me possibly.

    perhaps some of you feel the same way i do. i tend to get bored with minecraft, not like, playing in general, i mean.. i load a bran new world and i'm like AWESOME! i gather, i mine, i build.. i make a life in my new little planet.

    but it never, ever fails. that once i get a small little house going, i mine a little.. then bam. i'm bored. :( i get tired of what i have built, no matter how long it took me to build, i'm tired of seeing the same landscape... and i want to restart. it happens almost everyday, and it is entirely exhausting. lol

    does anyone else do this? or does anyone have some sort of idea to keep me from being bored?

    long projects don't help, it just makes me more irritated at building something i got bored of doing a week ago... playing creative doesn't help either..

    so, i have this INSANE love for minecraft. but such a short attention span.
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  2. You could try to make a redstone device, like a TNT cannon. Maybe start up a new world and Just wander, and never build a house. I think that is fun. It is hard too, not to take shelter at night.
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  3. I agree with PenjuinDJ... Have you played with Redstone very much? I don't mean the giant computers
  4. indeed. indeed. i do enjoy just walking around aimlessly. lol
  5. yes. i'm very good with redstone :p
  6. I usually play with large biomes on so that I can have goals to find all biomes, which on with large biomes takes a bit.
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  7. yeah, it takes a bit just to get out of one.... flying..
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  8. One word.... tekkit
  9. Beat me to it -_-
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  10. Try maybe doing nearly wat Dj said but move around on a superflat world trying to find a village by nigtfall or fight the monsters
  11. Help Piggeh build his house on Utopia!
  12. I wish I had a Signature like yours :(
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  13. Ask LZBZ_DW, but he is backed up, and will be taking a break soon. But he will go out with a bang.
    *wink wink*
  14. try getting some mods. mods are meant to bring new excitement and new elements to minecraft
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  15. When I get this feeling every once in a while I try playing on creative for a little bit. If you are are really bored of Minecraft try playing Terraria.
  16. I have the same problem, I don't enjoy minecraft anymore :(

    My best suggestion will be to get some mods, try with hack/mine mod, you can get it via technic pack thingy.
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  17. Create a bunch of new achievements and write them down... e.i. Make a grinder, full diamond armor, house on every biome (that's one of my favorites), and the most important one... THINK OF MORE ACHIEVEMENTS!
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  18. I was getting a little bit bored of Minecraft. I've played since the earliest alphas, i've played with Redstone ALOT, Mojang always stops my devices from working, I've killed the Enderdragon, I've made a cavern mansion, I have an end base, a nether base, i've got a super enchanted pick and axe. I also have a mob grinder.
    And I made an SP mod that didn't get updated :p
    I stopped playing Single Player in April, i've always loved living in the Wild, and I've been playing EMC alot since May compared to how much I played in February. I like that more than Single Player because of the thrill of getting griefed. If I didn't want to get griefed I would play Single Player. So maybe try the wild? Or try out some mods like Technic.

    Overall I hate single player now. My first server was somebody on youtube's PvP server, but then somebody with a tiger skin kept on camping me and I rage quit. I didn't touch another server until sp***yCraft (blocked out the servers name cuz i'm smart :p) came out. People kept on swearing at me and griefing my house so I went back to single player until djozane told me about EMC at school.
  19. I'm the same right now, just making redstone device on my res and a few for nothing or free sometimes and harvesting wheat,warts, sugar cane, and cocoa beans <---playing farmville right there lol
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  20. I get bored sometimes too. When I get bored, I use to get creative and blow up a mountain at singleplayer, create something, experiment with redstone, check the forums, do events or contests, forum games, go to the Wilderness and kill some mobs... Mods are an awesome option too.
    But, if you don't know what to do in Minecraft, why don't you just turn off the computer and do something irl? :)