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  1. At a certain height, you can build two blocks over your own res. Why can you not do the same, one block under the road?
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  2. because it would end up abused and something something something destruction something something bugs would happen
  3. So could /r pay. It still exists. :)
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  4. The main issue is that the residences were hand placed, and not system distributed.

    The location of their placement then controls an additional skybox to be added on top when the height limit was expanded

    we can't change the size of the bottom portion (as that would then also make the road editable) unless we do some major changes to how those residences are handled.

    Improving town is on the to do list.... but as we all know how mojang holds me back from getting the to do list broken down :(
  5. Makes sense.

    What if, the under-road edit capability could be done on an individual bases? Then could be Purchased by the player and address as the orders came in?
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  6. That's reasonably doable as a new sr staff service, just if you ever lost the res next owner would have it too but that's not a bad thing.

    We will discuss that here soon
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  7. :D