Why my town is better than yours.

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  1. lol the car is being eaten by the bus

    chomp chomp chomp
  2. The bus driver, if he doesn't die from the injuries he sustained (both drivers and a few passengers were transported by a helicopter), will probably be fired. Its his fault this happened, as he ran a red light.

    See kids, this is why you don't run red lights.
  3. How does that even happen o.o
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  4. Was anybody else on the bus besides the driver?
  5. At least the bus drivers in my town actually have common sense....
  6. Yup.
    I believe only two people in all the passengers sustained bad injuries, the rest only got a few bruisings. Also, this took place next to my grandparent's house, which is no less than a 10 minute walk away from me.
  7. Looks like black ice is the cause.
  8. I am having trouble understanding this. The bus must have been speeding also. Hard to imagine that thing getting a little air born.
  9. Hehe, I've seen this sometimes in my country :D. But that bus is the only one of his kind :D.
  10. The car wasn't speeding at all. The bus ran a red light (not sure if buses have Red Lights in the US, but they do over here :p) and the car was going at a normal speed.
    Over here, we've had no black ice. But we're getting our first tonight.
  11. I now know where you live, and I live near... >: D
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  12. I think it would be hard to do that intentionally, even.
  13. oh, good lord :eek:
  14. "Here we see the public bus, in its natural habitat, stalking it's prey."

    In all seriousness, I hope those people are ok D:
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  15. Erm.
    You're from Liverpool, right? :p Because if so, then yeah you probably know where I live now... :p
  16. Welcome to the Discovery Channel.

    Here you see a mighty bus attempting to mate with a lesser car. As you can see the car refuses so the bus is forced to take action.