Why me cant get no XP ?!? =(

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  1. Ok so i try my darnedest to get XP. Ill do all i can and in about 2 week i MIGHT have around 3ooo. If you go to the leaderboards you see people getting like 1.5 million in one months. How on gods beautiful green earth is that possible. Is the an easy way to get XP that i just dont know about or what?
  2. Nether and End grinders are usually the most effective in getting lots of exp, so you might want to try one of those.
  3. Double Blaze Grinder, Ender Ender, Witherripper
  4. Go to Utopia and type /v endertopia
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  5. Sorry that doesn't work. It only works for gold and diamond supporters. :p
  6. lol, he was talking to the author of the thread
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  7. Just by the way that sounds it seems like i may be in for a bit of a surprise ;)
  8. Breeding!
    I can get 30 levels in I think like 3 or 5 days by breeding pigs.
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  9. how exactly does endertopia work. I start killing enderman but its really only giving me ender pearls, i might get a texp like every 10 enderman, soooo confused :confused:
  10. It helps to wear a pumpkin on your head, that way they will not attack you. Otherwise make sure you are just looking at their feet. Endermen hit hard.
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  11. Are you just sprinting through and killing the endermen? By doing that, you're probably running away before the XP orbs can get to you. I usually only sprint when I'm getting from one clump of endermen to another, but I walk as I kill them. Also keep in mind that it takes a few minutes for the leaderboard to update, so the information you see might not be what you are in-game.