Why is this a thing?

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  1. I have this problem sometimes. I only have this with chrome. When you are having trouble loading a page it will sometimes load the page as that. No idea why, just does. I do not have the problem on Safari or Firefox. Reloading always fixes it.
  2. Never happened to me before on my Chrome..
  3. Just reload, right?
  4. I had to reload like, five times for this to fix itself :p
  5. What type of internet do you have or how good is your internet?
  6. I'm with Sky, but i'm switching to fibre optic with BT eventually. I think, anyway... And my internet has its bad days, and its good days. Mostly bad days. But today isn't a bad day :p

    *If you ever go with Sky Broadband, expect alot of bad days btw. They only own, I believe, 12% of their broadband. The other 88% is owned by several other companies*
  7. That is why. Not very amazing internet speeds. That causes that to happen.
  8. looks like the css didnt load correctly...
  9. I can honestly say that is better than average speeds for the UK.
    Which says a lot.
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  10. Most of the time my speed is around 8 Mb/s or less, however I rarely have problems with sky nowadays, I used to have loads, but for me, they've gotten a lot better. ;)
  11. But this internet is better than most of the UK's :p SpeedTest's details are wrong when it comes to their 'better/worse than'.