Why I miss being a 'well-known member'

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  1. So, i've been iron supporter since the 9th October, and am soon upgrading to gold. I actually kind of miss being a 'well-known member'.

    1) I miss getting 100 rupees a day, with my added bonus of 50r from voting. Getting rupees is way to easy for me now.
    2) I have less of a chance of getting griefed. I can /map hide now. One of the reasons why I lived in the wild was to get griefed, because it's a thrill.
    3) Buying stuff is way to easy. As I said, I receive 400 rupees a day, and I don't buy anything that is over 400 rupees, unless it's a block like a diamond block.
    4) One of my EMC goals was to become a well-known member. I was a well-known member for 2 months before I upgraded.

    I love my perks nonetheless, and it feels good to know that i'm supporting the Empire, but the above reasons really explain why I miss being 'non-supporter'.
  2. I appreciate what you're saying here and I agree with you. I've wondered a few times how hard it would be for the site to include a third line so that your tag has your name, then Gold Supporter, then the 3rd line could still have Well-Known Member, or whatever the persons status is. Just a thought......
  3. This was one of my ideas in the Suggestion Box, put your Forum Status under your Member (Ex: Diamond, Regular) Status.
    I would feel the same, though the rupees do help, I don't see the use of them ever since I've been playing less and less of EMC.
  4. Oh What?
    I read this thinking you were sarcastic lol.

    Well I do agree with you Soul. there should be a 3rd line
  5. 2nd?
    What would be the 3rd?
  6. Your member status.
  7. Oh, you included your name... :3
    I thought you meant 3rd as in
    Regular/XX Supporter <---- 1st Line
    Member Status: Well-Known <------ 2nd Line
    That's how I thought of it... :p
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  8. I have not reached Well-Known Member yet, but all I need is to recruit someone.
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  9. Cypher_rahl
    Gold Supporter

    Also- Donate your rupees for events/causes.
    Also- Don't type /hide.
    Also- Everyone who is truly; "Well-Known" is well- "Well-Known". =P
    Also- Get involved with a huge project and it will be amazing to watch how fast your rupees drop.
  10. Yea that's what I'm doing! (I'm making 3 malls at once!)
    You will be amazed at how quickly your rupees goes down!
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  11. Exactararry!
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  12. you could easily drop your supportership and donate one-time every month.
  13. A while back a friend of mine and myself suggested that we be able to have a coloured "Well-Known Member" of course depending on your status. So a green Well-Known Member or blue, ect. This was to ICC :)
  14. That's kinda weird... You like the thrill of being griefed???
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  15. I guess you can see that this didn't solve the problem, but just moved it to others.
    (BTW, someone has to go out and dig the stuff for you, the question is why...)

    If you truly want to get rid of rupees, you need to go to the /shop and buy stuff there.
    Then, if you like the survival game (more then creative), you can throw it into lava.
    There could be a "rupee burning competition" - the winner is who burns the most rupees. :D

    Or make a suggestion to add a supporter status without free rupees - perhaps "Emerald Supporter."
    (I've suggested that already in some thread somewhere.)

    Or make a suggestion to significantly reduce the free rupees and stabilize the EMC "economy," go for the real thing, i.e. make an economy instead of "economy." I'd support - both the suggestion and EMC, I think that would add a lot to the fun playing on EMC.
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  16. dude wat are u on?
    since when was getting grief fun?
    like wtf?
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  17. Why couldnt they make it so we could be "Well-Known Diamond Supporter" for example?
  18. It just proves how immature players are, and if I didn't want to get griefed, I wouldn't live in the wild and spend my life in the safe little bubble called Town.
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  19. So you live in the wild so you have the thrill of unprotection and so you can prove that other players are immature?