Changing "Diamond Supporter" to "Well-Known Member"

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AlexC__, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Is it possible? I prefer it to say Well-Know Member :)

  2. Please? Lol
  3. It already says diamond supporter =P
  4. Lol fail. *Edited*
  5. Yeah I really want to have a Well-Known Member I have talked to justin about this once and he said it was a great idea but That's all If only he could do it :(
  6. Maybe you guys should both in box him and discuss this with him.
  7. Done :) Thanks Stads.
  8. why do you say that if we pay for supporter but want to be well known then we should be allowed but then again its just if justin Can do it/wants to
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  9. Yes.
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  10. Maybe it would be possible to allow supporters the option to show either or both member status and supporter status. With the option being set in preferences menu. (only a suggestion, don't know if it is even possible)
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  11. Just saying, well-known member status is gained by number of posts on the site. So you can't just say "PEOPLE KNOW ME!!" But the idea of toggling member status is a good idea.
  12. Well known diamond supporter :D
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  13. Well known status shows other emc users that they are active and somewhat a very active part of emc.. Has mothing to do with supporter / non-suppoter.

    Would be an aweful idea imo.
  14. I like this!
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  15. You make no sense.
  16. I agree :D It didnt..

    Maybe if the topic was a little more clear towards him wanting to be able to choose what "rank" he wanted. instead of making it sound like he wants Diamond Supporter - to be renamed into "Well known member" then there would be no need for me to make any sense :D
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  17. I can see what you mean.
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