Why I love EMC!

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  1. Hello everyone

    I am not sure if a thread ever existed for this so I thought I would create one a let you tell your stories.
    I am sure you have a good story to tell about your experience on EMC, what you built, where you built it and the funny exciting parts that go along with that.

    I have seen many players come and go with great skills in building buildings and machines including redstone, from early manual farms to the latest auto farming methods.

    Please tell us your story and share your experiences, who you are, what server - res etc.
  2. Share your stories
  3. Boom
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  4. many a times ago, i wanted to try multiplayer because single player can't give you friends.
    i found this place first! FELL IN LOVE.
    i love love love love love!
    among all the people i met and became friends with, one of them was gamekribjim! who introduced me to his significant other at the time, who is now my bestest best friend ever. <3
    minecraft is our love, we have necklaces with the minecraft heart, she has one half, i have the other. though we have never met, as she lives 10,000 miles away.. but we are hoping to meet each other soon.
    distance can't stop anything!

    this place has given me so many friends, so many laughs, i don't think i can function without this place.... fast forward 4 1/2 years... i am now dating jim's best friend.
    small world? XD
  5. I'm an expert swordsman who enjoys creating the occasional enchanted tome and harvesting ridiculous amounts of melons in real life. So when I found a server which I could not only celebrate my desire of acquiring large amounts of my friends and acquaintances skulls upon their deaths, but also with which I could gain fake currency in order to invest in shiny cakes, sticks, eggs and pieces of paper! Well sir... thats when I knew I was home.

    Also, Im dating EvilToade.;)
  6. cause the people
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  7. Confirmed

    Also, I love EMC because of all you people. Without you my life would not be as good. :)
  8. Rouge moms that break my walls and the toades secret society that help cover it up.
  9. Ever since Day 01 on EMC, my personal experience here has been nothing but exceptional. I like knowing that the staff team of EMC are well mannered, they uphold and enforce the rules, and they're just generally helpful which in my experiences is a very rare thing to see in people these days. I enjoy the custom features that both Aikar and the developer team put together, as I've never in my time come along other communities with a lot of outstanding features that they could say were their own. Now don't get me wrong, I know there are harder times due to the specially made features to be added or fixed, however I cannot say that the wait isn't worth it because every second counts. There are more servers out there than I can count that don't have a good quality team that can function together as a unit. It's like a computer, everything in it works together and when something doesn't... it halts the process.

    Back on track, one thing that hit me straight ahead was the broad community. Yeah I know there are other competitive servers out there that make our numbers look tiny, but I'm not actually referring to the size. The diversity of everyone in it is what captured me. I have met a great many of you folks, and it's been a real good time here with you all. I know a majority of you probably only think of me as an acquaintance, but hey we got to start somewhere. :D Despite the fact that I do not attend most, I am happy to see the staff members host events and get really dug into the community more so then they were before. If you think of it, we're all like jigsaw pieces to a limitless puzzle, each of us may not know each other or even of each other, although we're still in the same picture together. Horrible example I know... just how I am.

    Anyway Silkster, I think you know I live on smp6 by now. You got an amazing shop by the way that I stumble into from time to time. For many moments have I thought only what it would be like for me to own one myself, but I guess I just haven't settled down in town yet. I'm more of a laid back wilderness explorer, outpost builder, mob-defending champion, ah you get the point. I uh recently got involved with a team and we're constructing a base deep in the wild right now. We're not very big and things are just a moving slowly, but it's nothing but fun and good laughs. That's pretty much all we aim for except for a thing called progress. . . still working on that. When I'm back in town I may put something up for grabs on a res, set off a random piece of TNT beside a pet cow, or go running through M4nic's shop (12221). Yeah that's super exciting isn't it. . . RIGHT! Back to teh wild!

    I'll gladly help someone if I can, and if not I do my best to point them into the right direction (or left). I am a proud supporter to EMC, it's players, and the staff who do their best to keep things in order around here. And just a dear message to all staff who read this, *points at you* "I appreciate you, your time, and sacrifices you may make just to keep things rolling smoothly as can be." "You have done a great job, and you are the backbone for EMC's order. Hands down to you guys." *Thunderous applause*

    I left some out, but I think that covers it more or less.

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  10. TOADE!!!!!!! You got some 'splaining to do!
  11. Totally agree :)
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  12. There used to be this staff named like CottonString or something, he was questionable....