Why I love EMC + My EMC Goals!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do something a little bit different! So, I'd love to share my EMC goals with you and why I love EMC! The story is about to begin..

    My EMC Goals:
    • Get 1,000,000 rupees!
    • Talk to a staff member for at least 20 minutes.
    • Make new friends.
    • Build a EMC dedicated residence.
    • Do more auctions.
    • Help EMC and get more involved.
    Wanna here more goals from me? When I get more, I'll be sure to add some! :D
    But do you have any goals? Share them with me in the comments section! :)

    Why I love EMC:
    Now, this will be looooong. So clear your schedule for 3,900 years. :)

    I love EMC because of all of the unique events. My favorite ones are FireFloor and FNM. I love them all they're so great :D

    I also love the staff members! They're so professional and know what they're doing all the time. Especially the developers! Who do a lot of work to help the empire :)

    The players are also very unique :). They always help, come up with new events to host, and more more! They're so awesome and I wish they could all be staff members :)

    I love how a lot of players help EMC when they need help. Everyone welcomes new players, and they give them like warm hugs! It's so amazing and I hope all of you do it :)

    No other servers are like EMC. They don't host the events, and don't do everything EMC does. Because, well, even some players make mini FireFloors because they love it so much!

    The main reasons why I love EMC:
    • Unique Server
    • Pro. Staff
    • Unique Events
    • The one of a kind players.
    • The Ranks.
    • Shop system/sell.
    They're is so much more! Maybe I'll add them pretty soon :).

    Anyways, why do you like EMC and what are your goals? Please tell me in the comments, I'd loveee to here them! Anyways, Have a nice day :)

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  2. Questions:
    What's your EMC goals?
    What's your favorite thing about EMC?
    Tell me! I'll post it in the 2nd comment!
  3. Am I the only one who found these to be a little excessive? :confused:
    This part probably could have gone in the first post >.>
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  4. I believe it's supposed to be hear and not here. Unless that was auto correct, I apologize in advance.
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  5. No.
    Let me look into this.
  6. Er, why do you need to "look into it"? It's a simple click - not super in-depth, Sherlock Holmes crime investigating.

    I apologize if I may have seemed dull and aggressive, just felt the need to say it.
  7. My EMC Goals:
    1. Complete my stone slab temple with my 1,000,000+ stone slabs stored there.
    2. Once I complete my temple, get rid of any unwanted items
    3. Achieve 1,000,000 rupees and keep it that way
    4. Get a stone slab promo. C'mon Aikar, I think it's about time.
    Favorite thing about EMC:
    The ability to build something in town and have people praise look at it.
  8. My goal: Not to quit in the next few days or so. This will be an ongoing goal.
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  9. My personal goal on EMC is to have the biggest head collection/display for everybody to enjoy, which I may have already done. I think I'll shoot for 2500 heads. 1400 to go!

    I think I like EMC for a bunch of different reasons, but to big ones is the more unique experience and the community are both amazing. People are very nice and fun to talk to (Well, MOST of the time!) and it was this server who made me stop playing single player a couple years ago.

    Goal: Biggest Head Collection or 2500 heads
    Reason(s) for liking EMC: Community and Uniqueness
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  10. my goals:

    to get 1,000,000r
    help people any way I can :p
    get 10 res's one for my games, one for my fire floor, one for a castle and more! I have a lot of ideas for this if it happends
    get The_Duck_Of_Life not to hate me (idk why he hates me...)
    get a HOUGE wall of heads
    get everyone on EMC to be my friend (I have 1k friends or something like that right now)
    make a AWESOME shop in one of my 10 res's

    why I love EMC:

    everyone there is so nice
    I love the events
    its the best server ever
    and ALOT more!! :)

    just for fun FACES!!!!
    :);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:D:eek::oops::rolleyes:;):cool: all the faces I can put down
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  11. Unless you have an alt, I am pretty sure the maximum number of reses you can have is 6.
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  12. What's your EMC goals?
    • Win an items round of Mob Arena
    • 10,000,000r
    • Host a total of 5 seasonal/holiday events (Number 1 is in the works)
    • Get an ICC Valentines head
    • Complete my 1st res
    • There is so much more but I think this is enough for now ;)
    What's your favorite thing about EMC?
    • Community - The people here are great! Always giving each other helping hands and bringing each other up when they're down. When I think of Empire Minecraft, I don't think of a Minecraft server, I think of a positively bonded community.
    • Custom Items/Mobs - I just love the two minibosses. Whoever though of Marlix is a genius and very creative. Eh Momentus is cool too but I really love Marlix. Then there's promos. Don't even get me started on promos! :eek:
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  13. Current Empire Brothers Goals:

    -200 Followers (Erektus, Nccoryg, and CoryLovesYou combined)
    -20,000,000 Rupees
    -Complete the Empire Brothers Headquarters (Being built by f_Builder_s and his team.
    -Pay out 1,000,000 Rupees on "Cory's Rupee Central"
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