Why EMC is not at 1 million members.

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  1. I have searched and searched all throw google and bing. After a few years of searching I finally found out why we are not at 1 million members.
    Yes, it is true believe it or not. New members will not join because they are feared to be made fun of for not being as pretty as nick. Now how do we fix this you may ask? Well simple. We have to hide nick and all of his melons where his prettiness can not be seen.

  2. Ummm... what? Really? When I didn't play, I wanted to play.
    Edit-And I did not know that, ever.
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  3. All makes sense now.... Hey, Nick! Stop being so pretty!
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  4. O come on I see this jigsaw face and think "this guy needs a hug."
  5. Jeff the killer. Quickly change your post before anybody notices it!
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  6. Nope it's inside joke with nick and i
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  7. Really? Jeff the killer? I thought looked more like that guy in Saw...
    Anyways. YES. And DeadPresident. He apparently sucks out people's souls ;3
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  8. Ohhhh...
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  9. He may be too pretty for everyone else to handle, but atleast he's one of us.
  10. Ever since I joined the empire this crazy nick would always invite me to a group chat, find me, and give me melons. He is the perfect Halloween Skin. :p
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  11. I thought the real reason was because no one could have a name better than Yodascokedealer...

  12. People don't like just survival, they want mini games and variety... And again one of EMC's flaws...
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  13. Not true at all. When I first got on EMC I liked it because it was solely survival.
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  14. Just because we don't have a feature, doesn't make it a flaw
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  15. Probably because that'd mean 1 out of 10 minecraft accounts would have to be EMC members. Are there even 1 million active accounts that aren't alts or people who are here to cause trouble/glued to pvp?
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  16. Most likely yes, 1 million active out of 12.5 million accounts isn't so hard.
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  18. Including that, yes. Alts aren't that common.
    And most players are in those huge minigame servers with 1000's of slots.
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  19. Why don't we have a minigames server...
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  20. Ditto.
    No offense, just because they're your views don't mean they are everyone else's :)
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