Why Does SMP9 Have A Highway And Other Server's Dont?

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  1. So I was visiting around all the SMP's just saying 'Hello' to new people. And every time I join a new SMP I spawn in the wild. But how come SMP9 has a highway? SMP4 and others don't. And how is Aikar?

  2. SMP6 has a player built pathway.
  3. Aikar is one of our Senior Staff that's why he's able to use bedrock. I don't know why exactly he built that there.
  4. But its made from bedrock!

    Ok thanks.
  5. It's because he loves them more.
  6. No, he just wants people to break it and so it will ruin the economy. :p
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  7. Well, obviously it's to make it ridiculously easy for players to go into the wild and gather resources, built with the aim of creating a large influx of goods into Town, devaluing everything beyond what an equilibrium can cater for and thereby destroying the economy. Typical of Aikar -____________-
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  8. And a post typical of you.
  9. Most new people go to smp9 and they don't know how to use the live map, so this is an easy way for them to get back to town without spamming the forums with threads like: Help i'm stuck in the wild and can't get back to town.
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  10. If they say that, they can't play the game.
  11. I kinda agree.
    If someone knows how to actually make a thread but doesn't know how to look at the livemap or hasn't read every page of the empire guide, do they deserve to be in the empire?
    Also how would they know which direction to head to?

    Plus ever heard of f3 and head near 0,0
  12. In your very first days of minecraft, can you say you were capable/knew most of this? Mix in the fact that a lot of people paying this game are very young.
  13. It really has nothing to do with anything. It was more of 'In Your Face' thing to a 'supposed' greifer. This guy kept greifing a player made one, and pretty much said he was going to grief it, so Aikar just made a bedrock version to watch him try.
  14. And in the staff channel you said it would ruin the economy?
  15. as always.
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