Why are lots not being removed after the deadline

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  1. hello,
    I find it very annoying how there are empty lots around all the smp servers i have been to many of these lots and checked who lived there and how long they have been offline for i was surprised how i found lots that had been unused for almost months i also found a lot off lots that the owners off the lots have been perma banned and cannot use the res but the res is still there so answer if they have been perma banned why is it still there please can you search through the servers and open up these wasted lots.
    Thank you for your time
  2. When I searched forums just reading and trying to know more about EMC, I found that its because the derelict policy for the server hasn't been needed because it only does it when it needs more rooms. And that no one has wanted your res cleared
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  3. Well when they reach the 10 days without being online they are put onto a list and that really only comes into effect when the number of open residences reaches a certain number, say if there are only 5 open residences and more are needed the list will pick a certain number of res's to delete and it delete's the oldest ones first.
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  4. If you really want a res deleted that's permanent banned or over the 10 days and its non supporter, then pm a senior staff to remove that residence, it's really easy
  5. basically, why delete them? if they havent been on for over 10 days and the res is bothering you, PM shaunwhite. he's a senior staff member and can delete res's. hope this helps :)
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  7. oh thanks guys big help
  8. I've asked shaunwhite1982 about it before and there is really no reason to delete them manually, unless a user wants to claim that res for themselves.
  9. I like how you just joined and you already helping people :)
  10. I want to be a person who does.
  11. Yeah. They also have to reset every res manually, and that would be a big job if they did it when each res came onto the list.
  12. When they say if u dont sign in for 10 days u can loose ur lot, that does not mean that u will, it just means that someone can ask sr. mods for that res, and they also only reset lots when there are no open lots.
  13. Actually, SYSTEM doesn't mind giving them a hand. :)
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  14. But remember, if you have not seen the Erm.. Something went wrong thread, nfell posted a screen shot of IcC banning SYSTEM.
  15. The 10 day rule still stands, although you will find that the residence has not been removed. However this is only at the moment, Aikar is working on the plugin and re-righting some code to make these work better. As each server reaches a % of open residencies the plugin opens up more for new players.

    I you want a res then do /v open to find one, if you want a particular res and the player has not been online for over 10 days, then you can ask admin or a mod, however if a person is having a break from EMC and have notified the staff that they will be away for a certain amount of time then protection is put on the res and it will remain until the player returns or the time period has elapsed in which case it will fall in line with the % plugin and be removed in time.

    At one point on EMC every server was full 60 players on each one every day. Sometimes you could just on get on unless you where a diamond member. At that time the 10 day rule was enforced because there was so much demand.

    This will happen again soon when the Dragon tombs/arena's mod is installed and working and when demand for new residencies will be high again the 10 day rule will be enforced again.
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