Why Aikar Has His Own Time

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  1. Some people may or may not know the definition of the wonderful but frustrating Aikar time. So I'm here today to explain it to you.

    You see, Aikar has a calendar that looks like this:

    This calendar prevents him to update things on the right date.

    He also has a clock that looks like this:

    This clock prevents him from updating things at the right time.

    These rare graphics taken from Aikar's room explains why nothing gets done at the right time. So Aikar time is just a completely random time just to quench our thirst for new things.

    **So please, we need donations for Aikar to purchase a clock and calendar that we ALL use**

    I still love you <3
  2. Lol I find this somewhat funny... Is it suppose to be :p
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  3. 0_o im haunted From that whatever it is...
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  4. TIL Monday is now called Mirday. Sure glad Mirday is over, I always hate Mirday.
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  5. That awkward moment when your comment get's more likes than your main post...
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  6. That is one creepy GIF...

    Love the Main Post also though. #Promote2FrontPage
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  7. You can get into peoples houses easily enough to take pictures.... conn.... y
  8. No, he hired someone too...
  9. Maybe I'll bump this, considering 1.8 still hasn't come out yet :p

    I understand you're trying your hardest Aikar, I'm just giving you a hard time :)
  10. Ah, I had a feeling I had seen this before...
    Always check the date of the op before you start reading :rolleyes: