Who's Who? (Post and find new names!)

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Quartzic, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Name changing is here!
    Find out who's who by using CTRL+F on the list below!
    This list is a compilation of all EMC name changes (except for ones requested hidden by the user). See here for more info.

    Name Changes

    salesman200 » Quartzic
    TigerstarMC » Tigerstar
    Byeforeverthe2nd » ForeverMaster
    Just_So_Pro » GGWP
    southpark347 » Roslyn
    WCG_Elite » Elite
    MrMacGamer » TechFilmer3
    bob24681024 » TechFilmer2
    huckleberry24 » Huckleberry24
    Qwerty189 » Rhythmical
    colepuncher » PercyPotter4000
    Bigdavie » BigDavie
    iHaroEMC » iCrushDreams
    Rainbowpony1000 » RainbowPony
    cube45 » AlexHasNoChance
    akiraic » akira
    MasterDude13 » MagisterDelirus
    Sir_Reginald_ » ThePyro__
    BabyCreepersRule » DeerMilk
    krysyyjane9191 » Krysyy
    kuradochuu » LauraLye
    Jake81201 » Uzziya_
    jay2a » Jay2a
    TheApostrophe » Hashhog
    cadenwoman2002 » HorseManEwwEr
    RebelSpartan0826 » RebelSpartan

    I'd like to/have changed my name!
    To change your name, go to https://account.mojang.com/, then submit a post in this format:
    I will add it to the original post as soon as possible. As well, you may optionally post in your signature about your new name to alleviate confusion for those that haven't checked this thread.

    When did you last update this?
    Feb. 6th, 2015.
    (that's 2/6/15)

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  2. I most likely will never change my name but I can really see why people do. Sometimes all the capitals and numbers look quite bad
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  3. I would, but I like my name. :p
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  4. Updated with 3 new names.

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  5. Old Name: BabyCreepersRule
    New Name: DeerMilk
    Why I changed: I made my account 5 years ago, and I regret my name decision - and its a bit weird being called 'baby' all the time. My new name is an inside joke between me and a few irl friends :)
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  6. My new name: Krysyy
    (yes I finally got rid of the crazy numbers)
  7. I cant change my name as the email account I used to register has been deleted, along with the transaction ID which came with it, as that was 3 years ago :(
    Would definitely change my name to something with no numbers if i get the chance though :)
  8. I would but I like this name it fits nicely it's my real name :p
  9. I changed my name to MagisterDelirus :)
  10. I'd change my name if I knew what to change it to. And if I wasn't attached to it >.>
  11. Old name: colepucnher
    New name: PercyPotter4000
    Why I changed it: I don't like punching myself... :l
  12. Added both already, I scanned them from elsewhere xD Thanks though!
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  13. I changed my name from jay2a to Jay2a.
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  14. Old Name: kuraudochuu
    New Name: LauraLye
    Why I changed: Uses my actual name and is easier to read!
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  15. Old Name: Jake81201
    New Name: Uzziya_
    Why I changed (optional): Didn't like the numbers.
  16. I'm always going to keep the name Jay2a. That's been my thing for 8 years.
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  17. Old Name: TheApostrophe
    New Name: Hashhog
    Why I changed (optional): I'm an alt, and it's time to act like an alt. :p I want people to recognize me as being hashhog3000.
  18. I'm trying to decide if I should change my name. I really want to, but there's a different server I play on that saves data with peoples' usernames and not their UUIDs, meaning I would lose everything.
  19. Old name: cadenwoman2002
    New name: HorseManEwwEr
    Reason: smp8/Mumble inside joke :p

    P.S: This is my alt, not me :)