Who's got my head?

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Availability vs Rarity

Your head is too rare! Release more! 12 vote(s) 38.7%
Your head is valuable! Don't saturate the market! 8 vote(s) 25.8%
We don't sell 'em anyway, we just want a piece of you around ^_~ 11 vote(s) 35.5%
  1. I've given out my head a number of times, and I'd like to know who's got them! So if you have one, please chime in! If you wanna remain anonymous, please PM me and I'll put in a blank placeholder ;)

    I also made a few special signature books, labeled the "Sable Series." I'd like to know who ends up with those, too ^_~

    • Sachrock -- Won at Fire Floor
    • We3_Nub -- Awarded for the 'like' that got me a forum trophy (random).
    • Sachrock -- Won at Mob Arena
    • Dufne -- Traded with Sachrock
    • jjhhgg100123 -- (Method TBA)
    • Sportoflop -- 1st Prize winner of Toade's race (selling)
  2. I'm a staff head and team member head collector. I've got a lot of heads at the moment and I've never encountered one of your heads. I've seen some at a few residences but not a lot. Either you've released very few or the people that have them want to keep it and display it. Hope this helped a little :)
    EDIT: The staff head museums that I've been to do not have your head.
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  3. I have your head my friend <3 and no.. I do not sell the heads I have :D cause they're all mine. ;)
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  4. huh?
    I didn't mean that you should give or sell me your head, just wanted to give you my information about your head. I just said that i'm a head collector because then you might understand that I'm looking everywhere to get yours but haven't come across one yet. I did not ask for your head, sorry if it came across that way:)
    Nvm that, I were just confused and not paying attention :D
    EDIT: Thanks for correcting me Robbi :D
    Wrong mod :\
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  5. I actually won a 'MercenaryCrow' head at my very first firefloor!
  6. Lol wut?
    I think you thought the wrong Mod replied there dewd.
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  7. *whispers* then he gave it to dufne
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  8. :eek:
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  9. off with his head !
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  10. Well we have a deal to give any duplicate staff heads to each other
  11. I have one..... Maybe 2 (If i get off my lazy but and organize my storage... hehe), but for sure one... :D
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