Whoppa Drop Party everything i Own

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    Whoppa Drop Party


    UK: 20:00
    USA: 15:00
    Others please ask in this thread.

    Hosted at 18001 Community Center.

    So as the Title says it is a Whoppa Drop party I will drop everything i own on all my reses and alt reses.

    There will a room to collect your goodies out of the dispenser on the wall.

    As a Diamond Supporter you will espect me to have loads of stuff and belive me i do i have 8 reses on all my accounts :).

    Enjoy My Drop Party I will see you there.
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  2. First, and I'll totally be there! :)

    Why are you dropping everything, may I ask?
  3. Are you leaving?? :( NUUUUUUU

    Sorry, can't make it, its like 3am in the morning at my side :(
  4. How much longer until it happens?
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  5. I suggest creating a countdown timer on a website :)
  6. Yeah, cuz I wanna come, but I really stink at time zones. A timer would be nice. Like, if somebody else made it, if you get my drift. :)
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  7. Are you getting rid of everything? Why?
    And it's 15:00 EST today, right?
  8. Happens in 4 hours Enjoy
    I am not leaving i am refreshing my stuff :)
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  9. Yes
  10. You're one of the very few people that will gladly give away every single thing they own, not because they're quitting but because they want to start over lol
  11. *watches thread*
  12. im so coming to this! PARTY!!
  13. 3 and a half hours left like if you cant wait xD
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  14. Can u put a list of some of the good stuff being dropped?
  15. There will also be 2 DC of Enchanted books OMG
  16. There will be enchants books, 3 or more rupee giveaways (2 of which from me, 1 from BTHarrold98) and Im guessing alot more good stuff too! Guess its a surprise...Ill be there!
  17. OMG I WILL Be there.
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  18. BTW, did you know that you won my giveaway? lol
  19. 3 hours to go
  20. Ill be there :)