Who would you trust with your account?

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  1. For me it'd have to be zbalda97, empireboss, imparanoid, and all the mods. Who would you trust with your account?

    EDIT: judging with the onslaught of "nobodies" (XD), I'm guessing I should reword this. This was supposed to be who do you trust the most on emc, but being brain dead due to being up pretty late last night, I put it as who would you trust with your account. Woops XD
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  2. I'm with Jack on this one...you shouldn't hand out your log in info to anyone...even if you trust them...give them perms or whatever, but dont give them your account...
  3. Ahhh i have a nice list of completely trustful people. SWM, Copher, Happy, Kells, PT, rob, and Highbuddy. I could trust those great players with anything! /sarcasm
  4. well ik but that would be the person i chose if i had to share a acc
  5. I don't even trust myself.
  6. Make sure you remove your perms from your own reses then, just to be on the safe side. ;)
  7. Yay! You too!
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  8. Me, myself, and I

    ^ look that's three people ;) lol
  9. I would trust Kman122000.
  10. Oh I see :(

    But seriously, don't ever give out your password to anyone. Everything can be accomplished by just giving perms.
  11. Trust someone...? Yea, trust society, your funny.
  12. Okay well ignoramoose has access to my account because we live together and trust each other with our lives, so you cant use that as an example...
  13. Exactly as i said :3
  14. Too late! It's an example now :p

    But honestly if you have the ask about whether to give them your account info, the answer is no. You (the collective you) are held responsible for anything that happens on your account. If you don't trust them with everything that exists in your minecraft name or even have doubts about it, don't do it.
  15. Noone. Duh.
  16. Justin guy or ice cream cow
  17. jaqiefox.

    Not even my roomie has access, my computers are password protected and locked when not in use, and my roomie does this too.

    We have a file server, but roomie only has read-access to the files I have on there.

    In short, when there is a problem I only have myself or my equipment to blame, this takes her out of the picture when something goes wrong, it actually increases trust between us, not decreases.
  18. The only people who have my account info are Me, my husband and my sister. I don't even like people using my computer but he has the password and info. I have his info and her info but if I log them on it's only long enough to keep their residences or if we're in the same area and I die and my bed is broken in the wild and I'm returned to spawn, I log in to her name and make her get my stuff.