Who wore it better

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Who wore it better?

Bitemenow15 41 vote(s) 53.9%
Kuradochuu 35 vote(s) 46.1%
  1. Right now it is 2 am and I am bored out of my mind and cannot sleep. Since I am bored and cannot blow stuff up like IcC does. Well... here goes nothing. Who wore it better?

    or Bitemenow15
    Vote in the pole above!
  2. I think the answer is fairly obvious :p
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  3. kura has moar swag then me :(
  4. I dont know bite, your facepaint goes amazingly with the frilly things on your dress
  5. Kur is trying too hard. Bite just pulls it off with ease.

    11/10 for bite
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  6. Kura FTW
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  7. In the middle of a study hall after just finishing a science mid-term. The boredosity continues \o3o/
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  8. At first I was like "ok kura looks really nice in that dress and such"
    then I scrolled down
    I barfed on my keyboard
    all thoughts were erased from my mind.
  9. aww man that just hurts
  10. But look at his makeup! Its better than all the makeup girls on Youtube!
  11. Bites makeup reminds me of lady gaga applause for dome reason.
  12. Just curious: Why was Kura in a bathroom in a fancy dress taking pictures of herself? And why was Bitemenow in a suspiciously similar bathroom doing the same...?
  13. They're the same person?
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  14. Im decently certain bitemenow is not the same human as kura, because I have seen them both online at the same time....
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  15. such ease, such grace,
    much pretty.
    Bite likes adorable in a 5 year old kind of way XD
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  16. Both Wore it Well lol
  17. But who wore it better?
  18. Both wore it good lol
  19. *well