Who likes money?

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  1. Hello, if you like money then get a job!
    Speaking of jobs...I have MANY so come to lot 2431 on SMP1 and message me if your interested.

    Stone shovels provided
    8x8 area to bedrock earns you 512r
    8x4 area to bedrock earns you 256r
    if you quit I will still pay you a minimal amount accordingly (mine half you get 50r or so)

    Details on hidden prizes:
    hidden underground
    chordates are written down so I know if you found it or not
    only valid when found if hired

    Details on prizes (extended)
    Wooden Plank = 3 Iron Ingots
    End Stone = 8 Ender Pearls
    Furnace=1 Diamond and 3 TNT
    Sandstone= 1 Cake and 1 Diamond Shovel Enchanted With Efficiency One
    Moss Stone= 32 Chests
    Gravel= 2 Gold Ingots
    Dirt= No Prize (BUT every 8 dirt you mine (if you finish job) earns you about 1r)
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  2. Are you working on a project Shawn?
  3. yes. (refers to signature:p)
    its a very big one that involves 6 lots arround me as well so if you want to help them too thats fine but you don't get the fun of the gambling like game on my lot. :D
    other lots are Bluebl1, camdenmil, SWATAHOLIC, pilotcat and pikminboy111
  4. Wait what if someone jumps into the hole you dig and how do you report that you found something?
  5. Derp, should've read the signature. I'd be happy to help out at some point if you'd like :)
  6. @uriel155

    /tell me when you find it
    and if your rely worried about it cover it with dirt as soon as you find it and message me ^-^
    (if im not on mine it and tell me on forums WITH COORDINATES (when standing on top of it))

    if you want a job and a chance to win stuff come help by all means! lol
    P.S.-its all good. people don't usually put information like that in there signature
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  7. Do I just pick a section and dig?
  8. ya. pretty much lol.
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  9. I will help
  10. Will be there later on when i get home around 7 hours i hate school
  11. i just got home from school too. ya it sux but we all gotta do it =/
    and also great! i can use all the help i can get
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  12. uhhh is it ok if the hole i dig is messy?
  13. You just need to dig all the way to bedrock Michael :)
  14. I'll help if that's fine. :3
  15. i did but i went so fast it left a few blocks around...
  16. Ohh I see. If you can't reach them, it's probably alright. Shawn will have a better answer though :)
  17. @ Michael_Nolan a few!? lol. this is difficult... you mined a 4x8 and an 8x8 but not completely. if you clean it up a little then i will happily pay you for both. ^_^
  18. lol ok ill try to do the ones i missed using a eff IV pick so 3 blocks seem to be gone with 1 hit XD
  19. ya my friends were watching you and i was like don't scare him away! lol
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  20. k i think its a 9x9 but wat ever
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