who is your favorite youtuber?

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is stampylongnose you favorite youtuber?

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+1 5 vote(s) 16.7%
-1 26 vote(s) 86.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. please no putdowns of any1s favorite youtuber! vote +1 if you like stampy
    vote -1 if you dont like stampy

    did you know? his real name is Joeseph Garrett?

    if the votes r filled let me know in the comments!

    really, you dont like stampy???:( well,the majority of you:(:(:(:(:(
    why does everyone hate stampy? hes awesome!, i even have his email!
  2. Ethoslab
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  3. Sourcefed
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  4. I like watching the Sidemen on YouTube!
    I like Sourcefeds content, i find it really enjoyable to watch.
  5. A Tie between EthosLab and Jontron for me
  6. I like the way you think. :p
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  7. myself :p - almost at 400 subs ;)
  8. I have actually met them twice now :p
  9. I live in the US and don't have the money to travel to places to meet them. You lucky...:p
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  10. Sidemen are my favorite youtubers to watch. Out of the 6 that upload pretty consistently, my favorite is Simon (miniminter/MM7games). Harry (W2S) uploads like once every couple of weeks lol.
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  11. umm me? I dont particularly have a favourite youtuber :p i just watch what is in my feed and subscriptions xD ( though I do really like Connor Frantas videos :rolleyes: )
  12. My favorite youtuber is DashieGames or TearsofGrace, kinda a tie between the both of them cx
  13. Ooo this is hard... Hmmm, I think I have to go with romanatwood.
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  14. I enjoy watching Good Mythical Morning :) But of course, my channel is the best though :D
  15. Depends...

    think tank and crash course are good

    and for MC woudl be mumjumbo, and fitmc
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  16. Mattshea. Definently. And thinknoodles.
  17. Rhett and Link, AliA, The Fine Brothers, Team Four Star, and Furious Pete are some of my top ones :p
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  18. My favorite youtuber is a bit of a less known one, but he's very good and plays many types of games.

    You should go watch him and possibly subscribe :p
  19. NICE!
  20. mine is:
    thinknoodles noodle on!