Who is this CaveSent?

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Marlix or Momentus?

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  1. Hi, Empire! :)

    I came across the Empire while searching through a list of servers on PMC and I came across this one. It seems like an interesting server so far with all the custom features (especially the custom mobs! I'm absolutely in love with this Marlix creature). I have yet to build anything on my residence as I still have to orient myself to the ways of the server, but expect stuff coming from me sometime soon. :)

    A few of my hobbies consist of building bicycles, going to BMX parks and collecting spare change. Leave me in a baseball stadium for an hour and I'll come back with a hundred bucks in change, guaranteed. ;)

    I live in Canada, and on the contrary to popular belief, I do not drink maple syrup.

    Feel free to pop by and say hello to me if you so wish - I love having conversations with other people!

    See you in game soon. :)
  2. Hello, and welcome to EMC! What SMP are you on (SMP5, SMP2, ect)?
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  3. Welcome EMC CaveSent :)
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  4. I hail from the wild land of SMP8. :)
  5. That's quite the unique name you've got! Welcome to the Empire, feel free to ask questions :)

    Oho, prepare yourself for the marriage fish. Has someone slapped you with a potato yet?
  6. Welcome to EMC! Specially smp8! The best server;)

    Also be sure to check out smp8 wild utilities

    Edit: also, you may want to click my signature(the thing bellow this post that is collorful) in the section that says smp8 ;)
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  7. Hi fellow Canadian. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  8. Marriage fish... I've heard the name multiple times, but never have I been slapped with a potato or a marriage fish. Is this something I should be preparing for? ;)
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  9. And now we're slapping each other with fish? I've only been around for a day and it gets weirder and weirder every day. :eek:
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  10. You will find that being on smp8 is very weird. I myself an on smp3. ;)
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  11. First of all welcome on the Empire, I hope you're going to enjoy it here. Second... I love your name already, when I saw the thread title in the new post overview I had completely other expectations of this thread and didn't expect to read an introduction ;)

    Well meant tip: don't try to take it all in at once, the server is much too complex for that. /assist is a good command to remember if you're just starting out because it can help you learn all the other most often used commands.

    PS: Careful for smp8, they're... uhmm, "special" :p
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  12. Welcome to EMC!!!!
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  13. Thanks, man! I am definitely trying to adapt to everything, as you're right - it sure is a lot to take in at once with all the custom mobs, the shop system, the differences between the wild and wastes and the rules. I am, however, getting adjusted to it.

    As for my name, I was notified about Minecraft as a game with caves. Having that in mind, I came up with the name CaveSent (sent from caves to come and play Minecraft. ;)).

    And, yeah. From what I hear, SMP8 is a, euh, unique place. Especially with the slapping of fish and the throwing of potatoes.
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  14. There are two kinds of Canadians: those who drink maple syrup, and filthy, filthy liars.
  15. We're not weird... We're different... Wait, no. You're right. We're weird. EDIT: I forgot to welcome you to the Empire so... Welcome! :p
  16. Welcome to the Empire!
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  17. Welcome to the Empire!
    I have to say, of all the times I've been to Canada, I haven't seen a lot of the common stereotypes happen.
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  18. Welcome to the Empire ^_^ if smp8 ever gets to overwhelming smp1 is a nice little server to vacation in :p
    If it's not already, you will come to find the forums wiki will become your best friend. I reference it daily still myself ^^
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  19. I've checked out the Wiki quite a few times and that place is a hotspot of information. Pretty useful when you first join and you have no idea what is going on. ;)
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