Who is HelloKRo?

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you who HelloKRo is! So, many of you have encountered a new EMC player named HelloKRo. Well, I'll you all about that person!

    So, yesterday, I was worried someone would steal my Minecraft Name. So, I got my alternate account which is HelloKRo! So, I'm HelloKRo's ALT and HelloKRo's ALT is me! So.. yeah.

    But I found out that my name is still sucre so when I wanna change it back to HelloKittyRo it's ready :D

    That's the story of who is HelloKRo!! :D

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  2. You forgot to reserve a post. Here, I'll do it for you.

  3. I didn't need to reserve a post..
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  4. Its obvious who hellokro is >_>
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  5. Fate, I told you that's why :p *scary music plays*
  6. No i knew it was you no sooner you loged on
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  7. fine ...
  8. Well then...

    Hello HelloKRo! ;-)

    Hope you're going to have a lot of fun on the Empire and if you need help with anything don't forget that you can always PM your friend Bayymaxx :)
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  10. Thank god you made a thread explaining it! I had no idea who it was at first.
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  11. I love you so much xD
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  12. I hate you so much. (just a joke)
  13. What is the point of this joke?
  14. Well shiver me timbers, who would have thought. :p
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  15. How?
  16. I was just getting a slight inkling that there would be a flame war ahead.
    Let's see if I am right...
  17. Totally wouldn't have guessed that. :rolleyes:
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  18. So wait, there's more than one HKRo now?

    ... :D
    Somehow I don't think that's the flame war ChamelonNYC had in mind...
  19. It already laid eggs, o wise one.
    Also, it has flames, so I guess it does fall under the category or flame war...