Who Has Gigabit Internet/Who is going to have it as soon as it's built into your city

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  1. So apperently theres this:
    Which is a service that is soon spreading throughout all of Maine and Im pretty sure thrase 3 is Portland/south portland because the state's bigest hospital is there.
    Soooooo that means I'm going to have gigabit internet soon.
    So you're like so..... who cares about gigabit internet.
    Well I do!
    gigabit internet would offer me a 1,000Mb/s download AND UPLOAD SPEED!!!!!!!!
    For only $120
    And also coming soon to most towns:
    I mean these speeds give me nerdgasms

    So are you exited and are you going to order it ASAP when it comes out in your neighbor hood/town? because I will.
    You know. As soon as they open a office I will camp out there until they open and order me some gigabit internet!
    Also this means I will have the biggest advantage in gaming :p
  2. Woooooooooooooo! No more 38 hr downloads
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  3. Yehaaw. Except I already have good Internet. @JustinGuy mind moving to Portland so we can have a good downlink? JK, JK.
  4. I'm so jelly. I have F+ Internet.
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  5. That is about my speed...
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  6. My Current Speed
    I still think its slow:
  7. I'm sorry, but if you're not content with that then you really need to take a step back. I understand that you want incredibly fast speeds so you can do everything faster and not have to wait, but there's no need to upgrade something that's already working perfectly fine.

    In fact, there's no reason at all for anyone to need gigabit internet speeds. When does anyone legally stream gigabits of data, anyway?
  8. Eh, I feel this is rather inaccurate, my internet is pretty fast with downloads.
  9. This will be the most used word I will use tomorrow! "Nerdgasms".... Where has this word been all my life. :)

  10. Ive got so-so internet. took about a half hour to download Team Fortress 2 (12 gigs)
  11. Wrong Googles gigabit internet is only going to be available to the city that won the contest which was Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS. Which is even stated on the link you provided if you actually looked.

    And this news has been around for over a year now. I know cause I tried to sign up my city for it way back when they first announced the contest (cause we only have 2 internet companies around here and they offer crapy internet for high costs cause they can get away with it).

    So far Googles only plans for upgrading other places is other areas around Kansas City. So yeah its not "most towns" its a small fraction of towns in the US.

    I do hate the fact we have crapy internet not cause I plan to download lots of stuff all the time (I don't really and its fast enough to download stuff) but because the upload is terrible as well. I had problems in the past just trying to upload pictures to photobucket cause of the internet. Which is something I want to have thats better then what we have now (which is .5 Mb's and I think it was worse back when I would try to upload stuff a few years before that).

    I also did a small bit of research on this back when I was in college and found we are on quite a few lists for a country having almost the worst internet in the world. Japan ranked number 1 with like 100 Mb's on average or something can't quite remember and it was a few years ago.
  12. This is my internet
  13. It took me 12 hours.
  14. Wow... that sucks.
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  15. same here. then i ended up deleting it because this crappy computer couldnt handle it,
  16. TF2 isnt a graphics intensive game is it?