Who handles griefs reports?

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  1. What current staff members handle griefing in the wild? Our established base, Echo Base, has been griefed. I want to report this is but I do not know who to address it too. Since you need a name to file a /report in name and I do not have one.
  2. Just pm a staff member about it.
    they can track certain blocks.
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  3. Send a /tell to a staff member (jump servers if you have to) and they'll be happy to help.
  4. I understand how they can track griefing and not too many of them will respond back when you message them. I am really getting pretty sick and tired of being griefed. I have no idea how much stuff has been stolen and I know I won't get it back... But some people continue to say griefing is not that much of an issue here. If we had wild protection this would NOT be happening. So I want to know what staff members will handle this issue and not ignore it.
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  5. If you are in-game you can use the /staff command to see which staff members are currently online. Then you can hop servers if needed and /tell them about it. Or, as mentioned above: send a private message on the forums.
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  6. Good morning !! I'm sorry you are having an issue with your base. You can contact any staff member online like they suggested above. If they don't respond or could be they are busy with another report. Sometimes we are handling more then one thing at a time. I'm working right now but if you would like to start a pm with me I'll be happy to jump on it when I return home. Wild protection is something we all are waiting on. Have an awesome day!
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