Who got YOU into Minecraft?

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  1. So the simple question is:

    Who got YOU into Minecraft?

    My Answer:

    I was introduced into Minecraft by watching the Youtuber Kootra. I subscribed to his channel because he did Call of Duty (or some other FPS game...), I saw a new series on his channel called 'Treehouse Masters' I think it was called... After a week or 2 of watching I politely asked my mom for $15 via debit card to buy. She allowed me to buy it. Ever since I have had fun playing Minecraft, except when it gets boring.

    So, Answer the question. NOW.
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  2. My brother got me into Minecraft when he bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360 on the day it was released. :)
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  3. My friend and I both had iPods and one day she showed me a cool app-Minecraft Lite... I grew to love the game so I got the full version. One day I checked the game out online, and tried out a demo. It wasn't long until I downloaded the full PC version and discovered EMC :D

    Long before that there was Roblox...Oh I remember the days of Roblox...I never want to experience that again :p
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  4. I started watching YouTube videos of Minecraft for a while before I bought the game. However, one YouTuber in particular caught my attention: I started watching captainsparklez. I started watching his survival series (episode 1 is here) but the rest of his videos never appealed to me. As a result, I actually ended up bookmarking the playlist instead of subscribing.

    So that's the story of PenguinDJ. I, too, was introduced to Minecraft by a stranger, and I have him to blame thank for wasting the next 3 years of my life. :p
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  5. My friend runnerboy72000 got me into minecraft. EMC was the first server I ever played on. His brother, jkrmnj introduced him.
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  6. One day i was searching through the google play store and discovered Minecraft Pocket Edition and loved it so i bought the full version. Then about a year later i joined EMC.
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  7. My sister and I would play the minecraft lite app and we had lots of fun therefore we bought the $7 minecraft app to play. Later my cousins had minecraft and introduced us to the wonderful world of mc.
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  8. I saw a Youtuber that only made TNT blowing up videos. At the time it didn't convince me, but I tried the free version of Minecraft they used to provide, and joined a lava flood survival game server. Some weeks later I got the full Minecraft version. Late October - Mid November 2011

    Edit: the youtube channel still exists @FunWithTNT. Although I'm pretty sure there were more videos, he might have taken them out.

    I'm sad that the classic lava survival game is no longer played/out there. I really did have fun with that server, some games were intense to build actual dams in just minutes. LOL
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  9. My girlfriend introduced me to Minecraft around March last year. Every once in a while she comes over for the weekend (or I go over to her place) and when she's here we often like playing a few games on my PS3. Thing is; there's only so much you can do together (we like playing tennis and other games with the Move though).

    So at some point she discovered Minecraft (approx. 2 - 3 weeks before showing it to me) and eventually got convinced that I'd like it too. Therefor a demonstration was needed :) I was quite skeptical at first (also because she started with "It's a Java game and since you like Java so much...") even though it looked like fun. So at first I got myself a license because it wasn't too expensive, and I figured that if I wouldn't really like it we'd still be able to play together (which could be fun either way. For example: I don't think highly of GTAO where game quality is concerned, but if you're playing with others it can still be lots of fun).

    That was basically the beginning of the end. I was immediately impressed with the connectivity options ("Open to LAN"), the "no nonsense" approach (its a sandbox game, so you really make your own game here) and most of all redstone. When I started I had no clue on how it worked, but while I was playing a bit with levers, torches and dust I quickly realized the potential it should have. In fact, it reminded me of an old electronic experimental board which contained a lot of IC's (logic gates) and pins which you could use to create circuits. It didn't take me long before I had that hooked up to my Commodore 64 in order to try and steer / program stuff using both my printplate and the computer.

    It's simple: the moment I noticed a torch go off when a current was present I recognized the potential for a NOT gate (an inverter if you will). Place 2 "inverters" next to each other (so; turning one lever on will result in the signal going off) and connect them in parallel (OR gate; either signal will result in a changed end signal) and invert that signal again and you got yourself an AND gate. Meaning: both inputs need to be turned on before the output will also be turned on.

    I'll show you an example, this:

    AND logical gate made with redstone components.

    When I saw this I was instantly hooked. This may not look like much to you guys, but an AND logical gate is basically one of the fundamental elements which makes a computer work. So to have a simple game allowing me to build this immediately aroused my curiosity and I was quite eager to check what else I could come up with.

    Later that evening my girlfriend showed me how to survive the first night(s) and some of the basic things you could do in the game and before we knew we had stayed up all night playing Minecraft. That first night (irl) was unforgettable. Totally awesome. That's when I started to get a better feeling for the game itself.

    So the next week when my gf had gone back home I still enjoyed myself but was also hoping to play some more together. Note; at this time I had no clue at all about the existence of Minecraft servers. I learned about that when I started googling Minecraft to learn more about it. That's also when I discovered my previous server and got hooked pretty bad.

    Its funny because it's exactly 1 year and 1 month ago when I discovered Minecraft for the first time. And now, after one year, I'm still not bored with it :)
  10. I actually typed in 'sandbox games' on Google after getting bored with forge mode on Halo. Since then I've played MC and have been strictly a PC player since.
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  11. I was introduced by a friend to the game... Which I thought looked terrible at the start. I found a glitch(I never pirate, it was where you download the game, fail to login and select"play offline") and used a free account(Player) for a while, but once I wanted to do more than SP and Hamachi servers I bought an account. I think I found EMC through some banner ad. Did the great maze tutorial, and I was set. SMP3, the best SMP(I think the newest at the time too)was the one I got put on to. Many good times were had, and sometimes are still had... Over 1100 pages of rupee history later it feels great.

    Edit: SMP6 was newish at this point. Eggification would come 3 days after I came.
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  12. My older brother introduced me to Minecraft around 4 years ago, but at the time, I thought the game looked incredibly stupid and I didn't want to play it. I was convinced to play, and I created my own world called Erebus Sigma (Because of how I played Galactrix). At the time, I didn't know what anything was and I built my own noob shack. After a while, strongholds and creative mode were introduced and I made a new world called Degani Sigma (Also a Galactrix reference).

    One of the first servers I played on was an incredibly popular factions server, and Silver (SILVERMAN2) and I quickly made it to the top few players, though we were more infamous than famous. After Minecraft went out of beta, that one faction server just slowly died off and I found out about Empire Minecraft. I don't even remember much about starting off on EMC except for the fact that I wanted attention and I tried to become more popular than I really could get.
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  13. My brother found out about Minecraft by watching Youtube (I don't remember who). He showed me the game and I thought it looked weird. Later, I was bored and figured I would look at it. I started watching SSundee? and then Captainsparklez. I started at Hexxit for the latter, I think. After watching them for a while and getting to know as much as possible about Minecraft (except redstone :p), my brother got a google play gift card. He used this to get the pocket edition. I took one look at it and immediately disliked it because of how the controls worked and how there wasn't even close to as much material as there was in the regular PC version. I played it because it was there, though. Eventually, I convinced my dad to get us the PC version. I already knew what mods were and since then have wanted to get a modded server together with a good modpack. Anyway, I started looking around for servers and went through a few before looking up an list article thing. I picked EMC because the author of the article spoke highly of it. That was around December, I think?
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  14. My friend showed me it and got me hooked.
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  15. Paulsoarsjr old survival series (first world) got me hooked
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  16. I bought a xbox. It came with FIFA 14 and a game of my choice. Not knowing what to pick i let my brother choose. He swiftly picked up Minecraft and thats how it all started :D
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