Who else plays an instrument?

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Do you play a Musical instrument?

Yes 60 vote(s) 93.8%
No 4 vote(s) 6.3%
  1. Hey wonderful EMC, community! As you may/ or may not know, I am in College this year - and I am actually a part of our Marching Band. We are having our first game tonight, and I want to see who else plays an musical instrument. This could be anything from the Piano, to Drums, to the Clarinet. There is no wrong answer (as long as it is true). I play Low Brass instruments such as the Trombone and Baritone.
  2. I'm gonna play Snare drum :p
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  3. I tried to play a guitar, drums, I gave up.
    In 3rd to 4th grade I kinda played a recorder.
    I dont like instruments.
  4. I play the Tomato :D
  5. I played the trumpet for a year before I gave up on it, I just ran out of time to play it so I sold it at a pawn shop
  6. I know how you feel/
  7. I play the Clarinet i dont like it :( lol
  8. I play guitar.
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  9. I can play trumpet, but I hate it.
  10. I play the computer
  11. Trombone FTW!
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  12. I play clarinet, synth, piano and many more
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  13. You play your own people as instruments? :eek:

    Anyway, I used to own drums, I was good at them but then my mum was cleaning out the loft and threw the kit away. Then, I tried to learn the guitar, bought my own and had lessons at school. It was too difficult and I gave the guitar to my brother who could play it really well. I'm quite good with dubstep and progressive house with ableton and FL studio, but I don't really want to use them at the moment because it gets boring.
  14. *cough* It's possible.
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  15. I play trumpet as A Freshman in High School and our teacher is hardcore. For labor day we had to march in full wool uniforms While it was 80 Degrees out and still marched over a mile while playing. And next Friday and Saturday we have homecoming parade, when we have to march around the 2 mile block, and then play at the football game the next night. To make it even better we have to play at UW band day at Camp Randal stadium on Saturday.
  16. What a coincidence! I also play the trombone and baritone.

    /fist pound
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  17. So awesome to see so many of you play instruments!
    I play the drums, trumpet, trombone, and french horn. But, to be honest, since graduating high school (2003) I have only been playing the drums. Don't do what I did, keep on playing after school!

    Also, while I'm handing out advice as if I were an old man, take music theory while you can take music theory classes for free!
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  18. I play the trombone/baritone, and I had my first game yesterday in the marching band.
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  19. Baritone for life! FTW Low Brass!
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  20. I used to could play the trumpet and Most of the percussion instruments but haven't touch them in about 5 years so I'm prolly rusty
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