who do i report a grieving to

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by g26curtis, Feb 15, 2014.

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  2. Thank you I have reported it!

    it was really annoying as the base was hidden well, the person must have used an X-ray pack as the tunnel he came through was not lit at all, he stole a lot of tuff as well as destroying my staircase
  3. Do /report (Player) (reason)
  4. But now that it has been bumped I'd also like to make people aware of the /staff command. If you discovered a griefing then /staff will tell you what staff members are currently online, and you can also contact them in-game about it.

    Keep in mind: be patient because they could be busy with something else already.
  5. You can report a player by doing this things:
    • /report (playerusername) (reason) - In-game command, not forums.
    • PM a mod! (Not in-game, forums).
    Here's the link to PM a Mod, just add the players name at "Participants" and make a tittle! Link:
  6. Please report a thread to be closed if it is a very old thread and someone bumped it after you warn them, like I am doing now. No need to keep bumping an old thread :D
  7. Locking thread, as it was resolved 18 months ago.
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