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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.

    One of the most attractive among conflicts of Minecraft multi-player has been:

    "Griefing", formally known as 'grieving', is anything that hurts people's emotions, especially the creators of the grievers' targets, from stealing specific resources to ruining their works. I, myself, am one of the many creators, and I have suffered from grief many times.

    My works beyond the town worlds has been seen by hundreds, and someday thousands, who all began their journeys in the towns. Many experienced love and joy; however, some harm these masterpieces. I believe harm is not intended, but rather an impulse for one's gain and satisfaction. The glowing stones that repel darkness are shattered to avoid Hell. Other gems and attractive materials are also taken to avoid similar dangers, or delays. Some won't take risks and challenge themselves or accept waits for their wants.

    Grief shall not happen. Despite occurring in virtual worlds, it remains emotionally hurtful to creators, including me. Here on the Empire Minecraft servers, some people grieve the works of others for their own gains. Like myself, they have goals to reach, but they put me in sorrow without knowing my real mind, -- soul, -- and body. These three all act together to summon wonders in everyone's lives. If one is harmed, mentality alters. Mine altered to write this message that may be a masterpieces of its own.
    So, please experience my works with respect and leave my belongings where me, or my allies placed them. If you grieve and be selfish, I'll suffer and possibly you will too. Countless journeys with goals have already been lost, and I don't want your journeys to end without leaving memorable legacies. Grieving will never end, but together, we can decrease its frequency.:)

  2. Very well said, and fully agreed.

    Yeah, this can sometimes be a big problem. And what's even worse (in my opinion): sometimes innocent bystanders can also get confronted with the aftermath of griefers, even while they had no part in it. For example; someone is looking at a part of a building which might look a little odd, but 'odd looking' really isn't an indicator for griefing.

    Sometimes a 'grief' is obvious, but in a lot of other cases the grief is only obvious to the person(s) behind the damaged building / structure.

    And then nasty things can happen if one is not careful. Maybe not even intended either. An owner could be so fed up with having to constantly deal with griefers that they now basically distrust anyone coming into a building, also meeting anyone else with a small sense of mistrust.

    Possibly resulting in bystanders to get a little annoyed or unpleasantly surprised with the response / welcome which could result in issues of itself. Still not excusable, but to a certain degree also quite understandable.

    Then again, it's sometimes also a game of giving and taking. "The way one treats his guests...", even though this doesn't always apply of course.

    But I've also had very positive encounters; one time I had build a small mining base on smp5 (before the Waste reset) and didn't really keep much there, apart from a small farm. So someone who had gone out mining found that while he was running out of food, found me online on smp5 and asked me in private if he could take some food.

    Obviously I had no problems with that, even thanked the guy for asking and told him he was perfectly ok with grabbing some bread out of the chest inside. But he insisted on farming & replanting.

    But yeah, griefers are a problem.
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  3. I'm sorry if this bothers you, but 'grief' has been used incorrectly many times in the Minecraft community. 'Grieve', 'griever', 'grieved', and 'grieving' are supposed to be used to direct 'grief' as an action. I don't know why this has happened, but whoever was the original source caused a bad habit to spread.;)
  4. This is why I don't build public farms.
  5. Yes this is a very big problem that may stop people making things in the waste/wild
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  6. Yes me too. :)
  7. Well said and nice job with your farms I really enjoy them :)
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  8. I have been saying this for a while now. I do not understand why "wild protection" keeps getting pushed off. I know it can be done, I have played on a couple different servers where they use "area protect" to claim a piece of land from day one. That piece of land is now yours and no one else can modify it, except if you give them perms, just like town. My friends and I built an outpost on smp6, it has since been destroyed to the point of no repair. It is a complete eye sore now and it hurts me to even think about it. Half of me wants to remove it all but the other half doesn't want to look at it ever again.

    On a side note, to this day I do not understand why staff won't do "roll backs" on griefed builds. Not only do you suffer the lose of your items and/or build, you have to repair it yourself. Insult to injury... :(
  9. Thank you again for what you do. Your work inspires.
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  10. The scenario you experienced was far worse than what I've ever encountered myself. When people grieve my builds, they don't demolish the entire build: they only take what they 'need' or what's important to them.

    From a few recent cases of grief at my builds, glowstone, ender chests, item frames, clocks, redstone blocks and lapis blocks were taken from the skeleton farms.
    And coal blocks, hoppers, redstone lamps, and brewing stands were taken from the slime farm. At the slime farm, I also saw missing glass that were most likely broken by accident and leftover scaffolding from someone lost trying to escape the farm or underground.

    So, my best guest for why people grieve my builds isn't to destroy them, but rather to strive on EMC, navigate easily or just as unintentional mistakes.
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  11. #holycowminecraftinvestedemotion :eek:

    But in all seriousness, I cannot imagine a better way of expressing the sorrow caused by griefers. I absolutely understand what you are going through right now, as all four of my outposts have been griefed multiple times so bad, I have had to restart from scratch.
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  12. Our outpost is also under the constant threat of griefing and thievery. We had some hefty attacks targeted not only at our builds but also the community itself. We try all that we can in-game and on the forums to prevent it, but it will happen again and again until we have wild protection.
  13. This is the only survival server I've ever known to claim that grief is against the rules, but do so very very little to combat it. The burden of catching the person is on the victim. The burden of proof is on the victim. The burden of repair/reconstruction is on the victim. Because of their backwards policy it is often useless to even report it. I've never known a server that had such backwards policies on property that you don't even have the right to ask people to leave somewhere that you developed and worked on. Even with these so called "wild claims" you don't have the right to ask someone to leave. Which they implied we did. We have someone at one of our places that we got staff involved to get them to go because they were causing problems and drama, and the staff told us they don't have to leave if they don't want.

    Player rights on this server are a joke. I've also never known a server to promise land protection for years upon years and never deliver it. It makes no sense at all. Land protection would protect the people on this server who have been loyal for so long. It would give the people who grief nothing to do, so they would go find some other server to annoy people on. It would create a lot less work for staff who are constantly called on to deal with grief claims. There is absolutely no down side to land protection. Yet we are denied our rights of property over and over and over again.
  14. "Griefing" is an internet term that has been around for nearly 20 years. It is purposefully ungrammatical. :)
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  15. To me, reduction to griefing/grieving must be taken to psychological levels.
    Thought Patterns Vs. Memory: How can we prime people without making them forget?
  16. I found your post rather wordy but the subject is DEFINATELY one that needs to be addressed in this Minecraft game.
    I am new here and like the game setup and I recently went to the Frontier to to check it out. To my understanding this area is suoopposed to be for building and exploring. BUT what I saw near the gate was a lot of GRIEVING, a wastland riddled with diggings and much damage to the structures that some players had made. Since this server is NOT reset, this unsightly damage will remain an eye sore for all who venture there until they can STOP THE GRIEVING and repair the damage.
    This grieving is ruining this game for all because no one will want to build anything in the Frontier because it will be found pilaged and destroyed. This is a BIG PROBLEM and will eventually keep new player from wanting to stay and play.

    Here is MY SOLUTION to the Grieving in the Frontier.
    The developers should enact a PERMIT SYSTEM as well as some kind of lock down system using something like flags.
    The Permit System would give a player and chosen associates permission to build (Change the environment) of a defined plot, using at least 3 map coordinates to define the plots. A Permit application would define an area and restrict any change to areas outside the permitted plot which would be all the land from the sky to the base. The Permitted area could be limited in size but could be added onto or more than one. I also think the Permit aplication should include the reason for the permit, to control enviromental changes made by players for reasonable purposes.
    This Permit System would document who did what where and keep everyone from destroying the natural beauty of the environment of the Frontier.

    What Say You?
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