Who decided to name dyslexia? (I had to gooogle the spellling)

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  1. OK so I have dyslexia and ADHD, and who ever decided to name dyslexia (at thes point i'm just copy pastiing) and really I can never spel it... XD I think is halarios
  2. It has Greek origins, with "dis" or "dys" meaning abnormal, and "lexia" meaning pertaining to words. Therefore, dyslexia means abnormality of words, to put it literally. This is also the case in words (λέξεις, "léxeis" is "words" in Greek) like "dysfunction" (abnormal function), "dysphoria" (abnormal emotional state), "dysphonia" (abnormal voice), etc.
  3. And to add to Waffle's post.
    It was discovered in 1887 by Rudolf Berlin a German ophthalmologist and professor in Stuttgart.
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  4. I was beeng sarcastic... I mean peple with it cant spel it
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  5. I'd say 'dus' or 'dys', and I'd say it means 'bad', not 'abnormal'. Indeed, 'dysfunction' means that something functions badly, and 'dysphoria' means that someone feels bad (as such, it is the opposite of 'euphoria'). I've never heard the word 'dysphonia' before. One does think of 'dyscalculia', another learning disability.

    But yeah, McAwesome, it is a pretty complicated word, that is pretty funny. :p
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