Who can sell the cheapest cobble?

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  1. Question in title.
  2. Can? Or wants to?
  3. I'm just looking for someone who can get me relatively cheap cobble by the stack. :)
  4. I understand. I see it regularly for 15-25 per stack.

    I took it as more of a rhetorical or operational question. I run a shop and sometimes get complaints about prices. Generally I feel if I'm going to mine at a stone generator/chop at a tree farm/dig sand instead of mining/building/goofing off, someone's going to pay for it.
  5. Oh, I recall being able to buy it for 5r a stack a few months ago :(
  6. I remember the days when it was of no real value :p When on SMP4 I could get like 20 stacks for 10r :D
    I've got quite a bit of cobble, I need most of it for my res but I'll work out how much I can give you :)
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  7. 9128 sells it for 8r a stack- just don't expect me to have it in stock all the time (once I stock a few stacks, someone buys it quick >.<) :p
  8. I just found this, perhaps you could arrange some sorta deal with them? Hope this helps anyways :D
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  9. I see people all the time in Town and on the Forums who have inexpensive (insert item here). Often they are either out of stock most of the time or burn out after a few days or weeks.

    If I have a chest of something for sale, you can be assured I'm commited to keeping it full but around what I see as average price. Like I said before, I'm not giving my playtime away.
  10. Fair points, Don't you mean stock? I edited it in the quote :D
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  11. 4440 cobble is relatively cheap, but I can sell 128 cobble for 1r to you if you want to.
  12. yes please ^_^
  13. Ok ^_^
  14. The wild just gives it away for free :p.
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  15. But time=money.
    It takes time to go to the Wild and mine, therefore it takes money to go to the Wild and mine, therefore it is not free. :)
  16. You should change the title of this thread to: "Who considers his time least valuable?".
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  17. Aha, fair point.
    The time=money formula doesn't work perfectly in the pricing of goods. You have to take into account total supply across the Empire, demand, market competitors and the like.
  18. Cobblestone generators ;)
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  19. If you leave your mouse pressed down mining a cobble generator, you can go watch TV while mining cobble.
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  20. OR you can play Tf2. Oh wait I can't play Tf2 with my sh*tty computer :mad:
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