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  1. Do you hear the whispers?
    Their words are kind,
    In your mind,
    Yet there tongues are silver-lined.

    Do not listen to the whispers,
    For they speak of madness,
    And seek to drive you down a road of sadness,
    So see past the illusion.

    If you don't,
    You will find tragedy will rise,
    For the words are disguised.
    Do not listen to their whispers.

    Thanks for reading that was a short poem I came up with for the release of the expansion Whispers of the Old Gods in Hearthstone. I thought I would share it here as I quite enjoyed it. As for my short story The Melody of Time it's story is closing on to an end soon and the third story will be written afterwards. If you want to check that out click here! Fun fact, if you type Cadorley into Google the stories come up.