Which Server????????

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  1. I am looking to start fresh on Empire again. I had millions rupees worth of inventory but thats all gone now...RIP..lol Im just wondering what smp server is the most active for players these days.
  2. Smp7, that server you can really announce yourself
  3. smp8 is the best one
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  4. Here come all the players advertising their own servers :rolleyes: Seeing as how you actually said most active with players though, it's probably SMP4 and SMP8 that are busiest right now :)
  5. Don't come to 5, we are awful people.
  6. Yea i kinda regret asking this in the way i did lol..
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  7. Wut about smp5 tho fendy?
  8. SMP5 isn't as busy as 4 and 8, is it?
  9. You need to spend more time on 5 ;)
  10. Looking at server lists right now, SMP4 and SMP8 are busiest, and they are usually fairly active at peak times too - of course other servers are too, but the most active ones off the top of my head were those two.
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  11. thanks. i choose 8 :)
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  12. Avoid smp8. Strange things have been seen in chat there.
  13. Sometimes that's what people want :p
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  14. If you are into killing a goat to summon the dark overlord, SMP7 is your server.
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  15. Bless your little heart for thinking of us.
  16. side note... I am not stonesky but if you'll are killing goats to summon the dark overlord I not not sure I would want my heart to be blessed by you'll....
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  17. Such a tragic thing when you see a fatal move like this
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  18. If your looking For People To talk to and Have fun smp9

    During that Work day time It can be a bit unactive
  19. smp8=always active, smp9=pretty active, annnnd smp3=you will die of old age before anything happens
  20. Referring to something that happened on the server makes me a participant? Side Note Advice: Do your research before you make accusations like this.