Which project should we do next for SMP8 Public Wild Utilities?

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Which of these two projects would everyone like to pursue next?

Poll closed Jul 28, 2016.
The End Dragon Slaying Arena 23 vote(s) 88.5%
Fe(II) Active Kill with AFK Option Re-design 3 vote(s) 11.5%
  1. The latest "newsletter" style post on SMP8 Public Wild Utilities is out here -

    Which of these two projects would everyone like to pursue next?
    If you're interested in helping, let me know! Here are some project details to help you decide.

    The End Dragon Slaying Arena
    RDmaster and Corruptedsmile with a little help from me and MrCDub have been working on this one. It will entail a good bit of end stone, obsidian, and iron fence gathering as well as wood for chests, signs and the usual amenities.
    Goals -
    • Restore the main Wild End to a place that looks awesome. Easy access to outer end portals (RDMaster already added a ring for this, just need more stairs and paths done).
    • Strategic advantages to dragon slaying such as the two health beacon and pearling "spokes" that we've already added.
    • Nice even fighting arena with no sudden drops or hard to access areas. Some lighting, slabbing to get the endermen out of the way, etc.
    • Beds, locked chest areas and the usual amenities on hand out there for easy access.

    Fe(II) Active Kill with AFK Option Re-design
    I am thinking of holding a contest for this re-design. The new design would have to accomplish the following goals.
    • Allow players to safely kill iron golems again. MrCDub has already figured this part out. You have to kill them from above (with 1.9, can't hit at their feet anymore). Actively killing with Looting III means more drops faster, and we all know I prefer active designs over passive ones. I'd rather get in and out of Fe(II) in 15-20 minutes instead of just leaving my body there for an hour.
    • Have an afk mode. If someone is afk'ing and a person arrives who wants to kill golems, the kill drops take precedence. Once the active kill person leaves, the system should go back to afk mode. This means levers or button may not be the best solution. Pressure plates or tripwires may be the smarter way to go. Or someone a whole lot more clever than me may think of an entirely different way to approach solving this problem.
    • Resolve the issue of drops not going into a player's inventory. I am really tired of the thieving drama. A chest collection was fine for active kills because players generally grabbed their drops immediately. That's not the case for AFK.
    • The build must fit in the space available. Go take a look at it. There is a ton of room downwards, but little expansion available at the current level horizontally.
    • It should be easy to maintain. Public builds get griefed. It's just the sad truth. Simpler and less resource intensive is better for maintenance and repairs.
    • A strength beacon will need to be re-added to the Fe(II) site. Make sure there's room for its beam to hit the sky.
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  2. Here's hoping for some votes in the poll, cheers all :)
  3. I was falling in a hole every 5 blocks lol, this end remodeling would be awesome.
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  4. 2 pressure plates in front of the kill area. When you want to afk, you stay off the pressure plates and the normal lava kills golems, items go into hoppers. Lava would come out of dispensers on both sides. When standing on the plates, it activates those dispensers and turns lava off for manual kill as well as turn hoppers off allowing items to flow into the player. If someone is there afking, someone can still pop in to manual kill without taking the afker's items.

    EDIT: or instead of dispensers, you could use pistons to close off the wall which keeps the lava back. Less redstoning.

    EDIT2: Just thinking about afk mode and actually getting your items.. the drops could be fed into a dropper which drops the times into the player to pick up. This way someone can't come and steal your items. Maybe auto sort out the roses so they don't fill your inventory. They can be put into chests for anyone to use.
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  5. So far, The End Dragon Slaying Arena has all the votes :) Vote away folks, thank you!
  6. Huge donation from Lee1993 and Paul1953 just came in towards the End Dragon Slaying Arena. Thank you both so much! :D Super generous of you all, and it is appreciated!
  7. Hey khixan when you decide I would be glade to come out and help like I did for Fe(II). Just message me when the build starts and what all needs to happen.
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  8. Awesome, thank you Willikers! :D
  9. Np like helping out and builders that are for the community and find them fun.
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  10. I'd love to help with the next project :D
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  11. People usually want an AFK option in these farms. I think the afk option should be first. :) This way, it will make both types of players happy...
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  12. I helped with remodeling Utopia frontier end and am willing to help with this. Message me when you start planning :D
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  13. Wow, thanks everyone! Will do :D I'll start a convo soon on it. Want to give folks a little more time to vote for which project they wanna do first. So far, it's the dragon slaying by a landslide.
  14. i have a design for a auto end crystal destroyer :D
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  15. 12 to 2 for the Dragon Slaying arena so far. Let us know your vote for the next project :)
    We've also received some huge donations towards the End Dragon Slaying Arena. Thank you all! <3
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  17. Thank you crazy_X!

    The End Dragon Slaying Arena continues to lead in the voting. Thank you all for offering to help with the next project, and I'll send a convo on it once I give people a few more days to vote. At this time, looks like we're doing the arena next :)
  18. Man i really wanted the better feII Thing :(
  19. 16 to 3 in favor of the dragon arena dunderscore, sorry.
    It doesn't mean Fe(II) improvements won't get done. It just means they'll get done later and after the dragon slaying arena is completed.
  20. Hey When you start this ill help out a lot :D ( I have helpe with squid doom, sushi drop, and grinders as CatNapInn my alt )
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