Where is the logic?

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Does this make sense?

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No 10 vote(s) 71.4%
Potato 3 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. So in my school minecraft is banned. No clue why but it is. Here is a list of games that aren't banned:
    Five nights at freddy's
    Happy wheels
    Call of duty
    Saints row
    The list goes on. Whats your opinion on this?
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  2. You're school doesn't have a good taste in games =P
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  3. What school allows you to play any video games? :confused:
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  4. maybe because they dont want people being creative? lol

    on a serious note maybe its because minecraft is technically an mmorpg and they dont want ppl talking to strangers?
    thats my best guess
  5. Happy Wheels.... takes me back to grade 7.
  6. We had a games fair where we played a bunch of games. Me, unknowingly, made a mob arena for it and then i was told that minecraft is banned so i cannot do it :confused: The other games included the games in the list =P
  7. Maybe because MC needs its own platform, one that's not supported by Steam. Steam could just have been overpassed as an OK. And some of the others are just browser games
  8. Or maybe it's because its a game, and games aren't allowed in school?

    That's my best guess.
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  9. Yeah, I have to agree with Soul on this part. It's school, I think that these games shouldn't be accessible, and the ones that are, aren't accessible on purpose. In my school, we have free mods, or 50 minute clusters of free-time. Spend it however you want, but the school isn't purposely blocking certain games. their goal is to block all of them to encourage learning, even if some students won't do that with all of the free time given
  10. I used to get free time when I finished work from Year 7 - Year 9, and would play Happy Wheels (until it got blocked :p). It was really often, because I always finished work >.>

    Now I just get more coursework to finish. Year 10 & 11 = Fun is, liek, banned coz GCSEs need doing and stuff.
  11. Mine does.
  12. Schools are required by law to have a filtering system on their computers. They cost millions of dollars for a school district, and filter out downloads, images, key words, anything not deemed school appropriate. They normally rely on complex algorithms and coding, but I assume your school has a very crappy filter.
  13. Over here, the local council provides our schools with a filtering system. I have no idea how much the filtering system costs, but I'd imagine its cheap - the license is also technically funded by the local area's taxes :p
  14. I think it's kinda dumb. Because, from my perspective for sure, Minecraft is by itself a very educational game on its own. Especially when you're playing in a multi-user environment such as EMC.

    Examples, or it didn't happen, eh?

    "Do you have 2 stacks of sand for me?"

    So how much sand did I give this unknown player? 128 perhaps? How do you know? Wait, could it be that you realize that one stack is 64 and 2 * 64 = 128?

    And don't even get me started on redstone and the stuff one can do with that.

    The only reason I can come up with is Java. There was a severe issue with Java security not that long ago which even went so far that it was recommended to disable Java access in your browser (Java webstart). Before anyone comments about how this is unrelated to running local programs: I know, but 'they' don't. Java = Java, and if Java has a security issue then Java based games are bad per definition as well.

    Even so, their loss I'd say (well, your loss I suppose, but they don't know what they're missing).
  15. What kind of school has a list of banned games and "not banned" games?
  16. I was on a school board that chose the filter, and our liscense was 600k USD
  17. Our school has a good filter but i took my laptop into school with minecraft already on
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