Where is home?

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  1. Hello EMC! This is kind of random and I know demonthunder345 posted something like this and he said he messed up... so I am just curious where do all of you guys live?

    P.S. I won't stalk you i'm just a curious guy. :p
  2. i will never tell. "stranger danger" is part of the river's name that flows into this state.
  3. I had the idea kinda like yours but more bigger and different, but my phone messed up what I ment to say.
    And when I was trying to press some button it pressed "Go" button so it was published and I was stared at my phone with the evil eye.
    Anyways, I live in Los Angeles California
  4. I live wherever waldo is...
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  6. 'Tucky

    Good luck
  7. Ok im sorry i was just wondering
  8. I see what you did there. Not sure if you meant to or you just meant it as a where is waldo reference...
    So all of you know I live near Olaf and have met him in real life.
  9. His brother and I are classmates. Also, i do not live with waldo. I just follow him since I can say I am the only person in the world who know's where waldo is.
  10. I live in a pineapple under the sea
  11. A somewhat random fact but there is an actual island known as Bikini Island. It was used as a place to test nuclear missiles. It is currently unlivable because of radiation. Bikini bottom has fish with mutated body parts. You now know the truth :cool:
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  12. When I first read the title of this thread I thought you meant the question in the philosophical sense.
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  13. Somewhere in Austraila...