Where does one buy this?

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  1. I think the video speaks for itself.
  2. OH MY!!! SO MUCH AwESOME!!!

    My favorite part is
    when they start destroying Shtuff with the sword at the end :D
  3. I thought they should kill a real pig:p
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  5. Or a chicke...er....I mean a cow.

  6. Thought I could bring the bear back, hasn't been seen in a while
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  7. You do it and no one says a word..... :p
    I do it and everyone gets on my case >_<
  8. lololol. It used to get used for everything, to the point it was in like every thread...
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  9. I'd buy that sword in a heart beat
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  10. I'm presuming a prolonged heartbeat, that results in cardiac failure for 2 days, and the person is somehow brought back to life...
    You did mean that, right?
  11. You're right! Where does one buy Smurf Juice??!!!
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  12. Guess you haven't seen my posts then :p
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  13. One does not simply buy this.
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