Where are you from? Where would you like to go?

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  1. As the title says, Where are you from? Where would you like to go?
    This thread, is for us to get to know and find out more of our fellow citizens of EMC.
    Me personally, I'm from Pasadena, Texas. I would love to go to Georgia and go to college there. O'd also like to go to England (Their accents interest me) and Germany to get to know my heritage more.
    Now, tell me about you...
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  2. I am from Colorado, and I would like to go to London. They seem polite and welcoming, I also admire the British for their accents. Also tea.
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  3. I'm from my mom - i'd like to go to a different country.
  4. Such diversity and ummmmm ^^^^^ lovely answer.
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  5. I'm from southern Washington (the actual state). I'd like to visit places like Yosemite, the Caribbean, Italy and Australia. All of you should visit the most exciting place in the world. Boring, Washington. Has excellent views of the freeway.
  6. read the title, now Cotton Eye Joe is stuck in my head.

    ...yes I am that weird.
  7. Im From Queensland Australia ^-^ I would LOVE to go to South America or Egypt, idk why though ._.
  8. I was born somewhere around Utrecht, but moved to Friesland now. Fries is a beautiful language, I don't speak it myself though :(
    I like to go to my friends's places ^.^
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  9. SO.

    on srs note now

    I was born in etobicoke,Ontario and still live not to far from here "where im from"

    My dream has always to go to brazil "Where i want to go"

    Why: because i love nature and most of all forest and most of all , rainforest. For the reason i love rain/nature/forest/warmth and its one of my many dream i fear ill never forfill
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  10. I'm from Kentucky in the States, moved to North Carolina a few years ago. I would like to go anywhere but here. I usually dream of going to places like Japan or Korea. Actually pretty jealous the husband got to go to those places while in the Air Force.
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  11. Born in Germany, where I studied in the cute little city of Bonn, which was the capital during the cold war, I now live in the liberal flatlands, aka The Netherlands. In between there was an amazing episode me living in Shanghai, China. Towards the end of this year I need to find a new place and am actually looking in either going to Asia or the US. Not sure yet, but if it comes to Asia, I'll go to Singapore or South Korea. If it is gonna be the US then definitely it's gonna be coastal, but I'd prefer California, because of better weather ;)
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  12. Most british don't drink tea and our accents aren't what Americans envision them as ;) Also, the minority are polite. Most of the british look like this:

    I'm from Liverpool and currently live in a 'very-rich slum' and I want to visit Atlanta! :3
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  13. Im from Queijas, Portugal and i would love to go to every English speaking country (altough ive already been to all exept australia, but whats the problem of going another time :D)
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  14. I live in New Milford, Connecticut (Bleed Blue), but I don't know exactly where I'm planning to go after high school, I'm hoping Colorado and I really want to go there, but I may end up in NYC or Ohio for college.
    I also want to visit Chicago, and has been a dream of mine for years.
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  15. From Kentucky-- a more urban part than the stereotypical view of the state-- I'd like to visit lots of places, but I don't think id want to live anywhere else.
  16. I am from Canada, and want to stay in Canada, Cough***Free Health Care***Cough
  17. Upstate New York, when I say im from NY people assume the city :p Ive gone to the bahamas and france and that was cool, so I want to go back
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  18. I'm from southwestern CT. I would like to go to Europe, there is a lot of history and it seems very cool.
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  19. I'm from Alpena, Michigan (North East of of the lower Mitten). I'd fancy visiting Tanzania Africa, Nagoya Japan, or Germany.
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