When will 1.13 "Update Aquatic" be released?

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When is it more likely to be released?

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February 0 vote(s) 0.0%
March 3 vote(s) 21.4%
April 5 vote(s) 35.7%
May 5 vote(s) 35.7%
June 4 vote(s) 28.6%
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  1. They plan to release "Update Aquatic" (which is now going to be part of 1.13 rather than 1.14) in a time frame they classify as "Spring 2018", which is very vague because there are several different definitions of the seasons (click this link for information on some of those definitions) which different people go by differently. So it could be soon, it could be June, or it could be in between, depending on their definition.
  2. I predict that Mojang will release the update in late March. But naturally, it is completely in their court as to when exactly. I would not be surprised to see snapshots for the Aquatic update as early as a week from now. The more likely scenario is that the relevant snapshots will begin the week of February 19th. Putting a pre-release possibly mid-March.

    This is all complete guessing, there are many factors that we cannot precisely predict. Especially, as to how much they have finished already. If they are nearly complete, then they could release as early as the beginning of March (considering they have had someone working at it since Minecon in November in some capacity).

    I am curious what everyone else thinks.

    Final notes. I am referring purely to Mojang's release schedule. 2nd, I refer to call it "Update Aquatic". You will only ever hear me call it the Aquatic Update. birds.
  3. All I know is I am super excited for this update! :D

    So Mr. Chicken, sir, when can we be expecting EMC to update to 1.13 after 1.13 is released? I know there aren't too many details released yet (not even a date :p). I maybe I'm jumping the gun asking this?:confused:
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  4. Impossible question to answer, especially as we do not know the full extent of what will be included with the update.
    I have started preparing the plugin, technical parts of the 1.13 update. No clue on the aquatic part.
    Aikar cannot do any server side work until Mojang releases pre-releases, then Spigot releases a pre-release. Only then can he even begin thinking about getting a working server for us to develop against.
    We are hoping to release some updates before 1.13. So it is not our focus at the moment. :)
  5. Completely understandable :p
  6. I would say my prediction is playing out well.
    Inserts link to today's snapshot which includes Aquatic stuff https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-18w07a
  7. Acknowledging that most of the posts here are my own, I would like to push my prediction back a month.
    I expect Mojang to release 1.13 by the end of April.
    But again, just a prediction.
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  8. I took a look at the Minecraft version history. Many updates have been pushed out between June 3-7th, and that's my prediction. Though it's already in summer-ish, I do believe that's when it'll be released.
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  9. It's all dependent on how much they still want to add. If they are nearing feature completion, then a month.
    But it does concern me that little bug fixing has taken place related to the aquatic features.
    I think the technical part of the update is completely done at least.
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  10. I feel like it will release Late March, prob around the GDC.
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  11. Yeah... it seems pretty doubtful now that there's time to add it in the last parts of March.

    I'd be completely fine with that myself, though. In fact, it'd be cool to have Update Aquatic released during summer! (but preferably early June at latest still because I want it released).
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