When we get Elytras...

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  1. I just wanted to implore the admins-that-be to make sure elytra are available in-game in at least a semi-vanilla way. That means it has to be available through some method other than buying with tokens or as a voting bonus. Maybe this is part of an overhaul of the End on EMC, maybe this is as simple as adding them to dungeon and nether fortress chests. Those definitely-not-vanilla methods are great for items that really don't affect the game, but for something that so drastically changes the way you move in Minecraft cannot be hid behind 200 days of voting or 20,000 tokens.

    That is all. I trust those in charge to come up with a good solution.
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  2. I am for the Marlix dropping it rarely. It makes sense.
  3. Ok but I feel like everyone is going to want an elytra, they're just so useful. Maybe if each one dropped ten.
  4. What is the durability on elytra? 10 per marlix would just flood the market.
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  5. You should only have to buy one unless you lose it. Maybe 10 is too many, but I would not like it to cost anything above maybe 15k, what a decent sword would cost.
  6. Elytras will most likely be costing around a beacon's worth after the price settles. Probably higher
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  7. They have 431 durability which results in 7 minutes and 11 seconds of flight. You can also put unbreaking on them which is nice.
  8. How about, I don't know, we just have them spawn in end ships? :confused:
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  9. Elytra promo or Voter's Elytra? ;)
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  10. There has to be some promo or voters gear or standard Elytra that's unbreakable in town. Gotta be :C
  11. But they're infinitely repairable.
  12. The problem with that is supply and demand.

    We have around 100k people who would want elytras. I'd say a good percentage want more than one for each server.

    With end ships being uncommon and elytra not respawning, it will create what we have with Dragon Poop and stuff unless they plan on doing resets of the end or having an end wasteland.

    So unless they have an end waste, we need elytra to be renewable or else there will be a limited number.
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  13. Actually elytra don't dissapear when they "break" so you can repair them infinitely. Promo/vote elytras are all fine and dandy, all I want is to make sure that someone can get an elytra the same way they can get a nice sword or some horse armor.
  14. Yes, but when the cost becomes to high to repair, its a pain in the butt to find different people to repair for you.
  15. Although that 100k number is really inflated (many of those people logged in once and never again, total number of reses/2 would probably be a better measure), you are definitely right. Also, the End is already not set up as a place that's meant to be visited constantly for new blocks. Maybe a weekly reset of the waste end could work.
  16. True. I always forget XP became harder-to-get. They are, however, also adding an enchantment that repairs items from XP as you gather it.
  17. I doubt it will cost tokens that's mostly for things like biome changes and things. And thinks Aikar makes himself (Avalauncher)

    Also Aikar has plans for the end with dragon tombs and such.

    Wait and enjoy they madness my friends.
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  18. This is what I am worried about.
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  19. Just to repeat what I said before, all I want is a vanillaish way of getting elytras, as they are a HUGE change in the way people will move throughout the Empire. I've been using them in survival a bit, they quickly become necessary. I don't care what the method is - adding them as a drop or loot, the vanilla way with resetting, whatever - I just think it shouldn't be treated as a "bonus".
  20. That's gonna be released right after Mojang releases the mod API, right?