When was the last waste reset?

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  1. Ok so, I had a hole thing set up in a packed ice biome on smp6. I had a haste II beacon and everything, lots of iron and stuff in a chest. I haven't been out there for a little while and i wanted my beacon. Now I cant find the biome anywhere, live map, sight memory, or even just running around looking for hours. Has the wastelands on smp6 reset scence 1.7?
    -- 99marvel
  2. I would correct hole but the edit thing doesn't work for my laptop.
  3. It has not reset since 1.7, at least that I am aware of :)
  4. this is so frustrating. lol i had like 15k of stuff out there. You sure it hasn't reset?
  5. I think I might have found the area for you, can you explain what was in the area for me?
  6. A secret reset might have occurred.
  7. Not likely, it would have been announced/noticed.
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  8. Last reset of the wasteland happen the last update when new biomes introduced. The next plan one will be around 1.8 released.
  9. ok well i will keep looking. Thanks for the help :)
  10. oh sorry :p it was near the edge of the packed ice biome and near a small dark oak biome. I belive it was near a river and it was not far from spawn.
  11. Sent you some coords :)
  12. If you have a locked chest, the location will be in your rupees history
  13. Players cannot lock chests in Wastelands.
    I tried :(
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  14. yes i know, i buried it :p
  15. any packed ice near a spawn was likely ransacked so it may just be a snowy biome now. i know i personally cleared out an entire biome of packed ice when the update happened there wasnt a beacon there tho (eff5 silk shears dont need a beacon)
  16. wait, sheers?
  17. yup shears are the tool assigned to ice and glass and a couple other things they are like 5 times faster then a pick and dont use up durability
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  18. WHAT? wow.... how did i not know that that makes be feel so noob-ish now.
  19. it says on the wiki to use a pick. Sheers are really faster?