When has it gone too far? Griefing/harassment....

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  1. I have a base built in the wild, and one person keeps coming to where I am and digging down until they find me. I have a mob trap built, and they come and kill my mobs, take drops, and look in my chests, all with me standing right there asking what they are doing. I know they have taken at least one stack of rotten flesh(no big deal). I'm getting discouraged....is this allowed? I've only been on The Empire for about a week, but I feel like this shouldn't be OK. I joined this server b/c it is "grief free". I just want to make friends and enjoy the game, but I'm learning quickly I can't trust anyone on this server. The worst part is that they have multiple accounts, and are a diamond supporter.... Please, help!
  2. report them or PM a moderator in game or on the site
  3. Take a screenshot (F2) and use /report if the player does something that is against the rules listed in the guide. Also, look for a mod on whatever server you are playing on.

    Lock your chests as well. Technically speaking, it doesn't really sound like they are doing anything...other than stealing mobs that you could have killed.
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  4. They are digging down in YOUR mob grinder, so that is somekind of griefing?
  5. Sadly, no way to prove it for sure.
  6. I have a SS with them looking in my chest. I know anyone can do what they want in the wild, but I wouldn't do this to someone else. I haven't been playing long enough to lock my chests (don't have the rupees). I don't want to make enemies, and this is what bothers me the most. Maybe I'm not ready for a MP server yet :(
  7. Digging down straight to another player's grinder is a sign that they have xray mod, which is against the rules entirely.

    @Cambria Feel free to contact me on the site if you manage to get solid evidence of the player xraying, stealing and griefing, please feel free to contact me via PM.

  8. Haha you are. Just do want I told you and I sent 1k to you tomorrow or so. So you can have locked chest and if you ask why I'm doing this because I like helping members and we do it all the time at Last Light Outpost :)
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  9. I've decided to go bankrupt and lock my chest. You are too kind to send me rupees, you don't have too! I don't really use them anyways, so I guess locking stuff up is the best way to go. Thanks all for the quick advice!
  10. Haha alright, same here rupees aren't top on my list in EMC, and just listen to mystery just said he will help out even more solving your problem, I prolly send it anyways cause some "person" gave me R for guessing one of his names at the moment so I push my winnings to you lol
  11. I've found that once you lock one, you end up having to lock more xD
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  12. I sent you a few rupees, so you are not bankrupt.
    Please don't let the minority of idiots spoil things; stick with it; most people here are very friendly and helpful.
    If they took items from a chest, they broke the rules. As you can see, the mods will try to help you sort that out. However, it can be difficult to prove, and you may have to find a new place, eventually... but, think of that as part of the game.

    This is a great community, and a tiny number of idiots do their best to spoil it for the rest of us. Don't allow that to happen.
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  13. Send the screenshot to Green_Mystery. Even if they are in the wild, they cant steal from chests or destroy any block you have placed. I would mine cobble, and then cover the walls and ceiling of your room in it, if they come back and destroy that it is considered griefing since it is common knowledge that cobble is generally player placed as ceilings. If they make a hole, SS them and send it in. If you have a ton of cobble, make your ceiling out of furnaces, as only a complete idiot would try to say they are natural. You wont make enemies, because they will be banned and as you can see you will have the majority of the community backing you:) Also, about locking chests, only lock what you think is worth keeping. I personally wouldnt lock a chest full of rotten flesh as i find it worthless. A form of xray protection would be to mine out a flat room above your base, and CAREFULLY cover the floor with lava. Most of the time this will help greatly. If they dig into it and die, that is their fault since common minecraft sense says "dont dig the block below you." And you are allowed to place lava in the wild, so as long as there is no trap (like a piston floor), if they fall in and die it is purely their fault. If you dont want to make a lava xray shield, you could also carefully make "decorative" lava walls where lava is placed over a chest, and it falls in front of it so it hides it. That usually works, but always be extra careful when working with lava. Just some ideas/suggestions:)
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  14. Wait, if your standing there asking what there doing don't you get the least bit suspicious especially when their killing your mobs and taking their drops right in front of you? Anyway, make sure you take screenshots!
  15. Such a shame. :(
  16. People these days.
  17. I had a similar problem like this back before last reset. Someone kept using live map to find where I was (a new member) and constantly traveling for a half an hour or so sometimes by boat to right above the water where I was then would go down and dig into the ravine, that I found and lit up, and started taking materials like coal ores and such from the walls and actually went through my chests that weren't locked. He kept coming and would sometimes just come out to there and float above the water where I was.

    I felt he was doing something wrong cause well I did all the work and it was kinda my ravine that I was excavating. I contacted a mod or two and even an admin. Apparently he wasn't really doing anything wrong and there was nothing I could really do. I even had a screen shot or two of him in the ravine next to the chests he looked through and pics of him on live map. He would even follow me above the water in his boat to wherever I would go in the mines by using live map.

    Luckily this was like a few weeks before the reset so I wasn't going to be losing to much from it. And I kept my most valuable stuff in a locked chests. It still annoyed me, and he even traveled over to a near by island and built a house there. I felt it was harassment.

    I really liked that ravine to, it connected up to a few mine shafts. It was extremely big, took me and a friend or two of mine (who could hide on live map) a couple days to light all of it up. It had about 3 spider spawners in one area (which was hard to find it seemed back then). Plus a skeleton and zombie spawner near each other. It also connected up to another ravine that had one big lava lake for a floor (which I never did get to explore). And I wasn't going to build mob spawners out of those spanwers since it was a few weeks from reset as well as the fact the new player kept going down there when I wasn't there and could have probably destroyed them or something and I wouldn't have had any proof of it.
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  18. Griefers they will never stop.
  19. 1. Welcome to emc!

    2. lets make a pvp arena and let me get a fire aspaect diamond sword to the face of griefers xD
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