When cross-server chat is possible. [Suggestion]

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  1. Alright, since the Developers have the cross-server chat planned, I think, I have some ideas.

    • Chats that should be cross-server (Every server shares the one chat)
      • Economy - It would prevent server jumping to advertise your shop and auction.
      • Private Messages - Obvious reason is obvious
      • Group Chat - Basically your own private channel, who wouldn't love that?
      • Supporter Chat - I think this exists...
    Every other chat, in my opinion, should stay the same. Town chat is per Town, Local and Residence chat is self-explanatory.
    With this addition, I do think some more Chat-rule enforcing should happen with the Economy chat. Perhaps a new command that can force people to a certain channel if they talk too much in the wrong channel.
    Along with the addition of cross-server chats, I would assume there MIGHT be a Global chat, though I am unsure.
  2. I agree with all of those ideas. I don't see a problem with any of them.

    we should have global local chat too!
  3. Wait... Dont these already exist? :confused:
  4. I don't think so...

    Also, I believe it has been said that Economy Chat will not be cross-server because of people using it to talk as they would in town chat.
  5. there is PM chat and economy chat and group chat but maybe im not getting the way he wants it used
  6. title says Cross Server
  7. cross-server private messages has been added on track last year: http://track.emc.gs/issue/EMC-528

    economy chat - I think might be a good idea...

    supporter chat - I don't think it is needed; if there's too many supporters it's just as spammy as multiple town chats...

    group chats - maybe* I don't think when someone 'switches' servers it should remove you from the group, but it should still notify players that you switched servers... chatting wise - it would basically be a group pm, so I think it could be useful.

    old tells look like this:

    From WCG_Elite: heya

    cross server messages would have to be something like this:

    if eklektoi is on smp2
    if WCG_Elite is on smp8

    i'm on eklektoi and type /tell WCG_Elite hey elite, wassup?

    it will show up as (or something similar):

    From [smp-2] eklektoi: hey elite, wassup?
  8. Ok that just cleared alot up :)
  9. I would rather not have cross server Economy chat, or at least give and option to disable the cross server portion of it. I don't mind seeing it on my owner server, but it would be spammy to see it from all.
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  10. I support this idea, but global Economy chat would be pretty unfortunate due to constant chat box filling. Otherwise, great idea!
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  11. I agree with this, because a lot of the time - people forget to 'not' speak in economy chat if they're just talking about general things; your chat would have to have a 'chat check system' check to see if you're saying anything related to economy/shops/malls etc to make sure you're not abusing this (which would be a pretty hefty check system) which probably would be more harm than good.
  12. Cross server PMs >>>> need that.
  13. One comment: I honestly hope that we don't get cross-server town chat. And I know some of the ideas popping into some of your minds right now, and quite frankly I may even agree with those. But lets try to approach this from a positive angle...

    Town chat is what makes the server I think. I did quite some 'server hopping' this week and although some things never change "Please welcome newnick to the Empire!" other things do. And don't. Like players unaware of chat channels and who will easily answer you in T when you talk to them in R. Like it or not; it does define the server you're on.

    At one place you'll get talks about skin contents, the other starts discussing parkours, the other about "how I got you that time in pvp" right down to some n00b in the /park (smp2) sharing how much fun fishing with friends can be, while he meant to use @l aka local chat. (I got this info from 'reliable sources', anyone trying to pin this on me will have to talk to my in-game lawyer (and I have no idea who that is)).

    Can it be disruptive? For sure; sometimes I honestly think that being able to see town chat in the waste (during my voucher period) isn't a pro at all.

    Thing is; town chat is still what defines the server IMO. Like it or not.

    So I honestly hope that they won't cross-server this one. Not for the massive chats (I can always disable it) but because I honestly believe that servers would risk to lose their identity. Which I think would be bad.