What's YOUR Favourite part about EMC?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I haven't been very active on EMC for a while (but I most definitely will be in the summer :D)

    I was playing EMC today and I wondered what to do in town and the wasteland. Since EMC gives a lot of freedom to the players about their goals, with so many things to do, I wondered which one I should do.

    Personally, my favourite part is boss mob hunting and mining! It's great fun to do with your friends, and later on you can sell everything and buy enough gold to make a massive statue of something like Red Pandas or pineapples (my ultimate goal on EMC ^_^)

    What's your favourite part about EMC? :p

    P.S. If anyone wants to go hunt Marlixes with me, PM me ;)

    Thank you EMC Staff and Community,

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  2. The people. Here unlike most servers just about everyone knows everyone. It really feels like EMC is it's own video game with the sense of community.

  3. Out of all of the communities in all of the servers in all of the games that I've played, EMC has the best community. They're all really friendly, and you can get into some really interesting conversations with them and have great fun. I agree that the community is the best part, but not exactly my favourite part (after not being on the forums for so long, I'm not as familiar with EMC)

    Thanks Shadow_Dcord!

  4. Easier asked than answered! :)

    Personally I like all the massive features which have been put into the server. From the RTS (Residence Transportation System) right down to the customized compass (it can point to an outpost, your bed, your death points, etc.) and the custom mobs (even though 1.9 has raised some criticism from me on that part). I really believe that there has been some serious thought behind it to make all of that work together and yeah... I think it's pretty special.

    But the problem: there's so much more I like. I also like how staff actually listens to the community and always tries to see if things can improve a bit, something I got strongly reminded about last night. Last night I ran into a situation where a new player ended up on SMP2 (my home server), was immediately greeted by another (who also turned out relatively new) and he urged them to go to SMP5. I got curious and figured that there might be more going on there, so I followed.

    Long story made somewhat longer: I ended up helping this new player relocate from SMP2 to SMP5 so that she could play on the same server as her brother. Now, this might not sound too special to some people, but I lived the days where new players had to wait one hour before they could do this, which seriously ruined the fun for quite a few players (I've seen some of the negative comments, and also saw players leave and never coming back again). But because the community spoke out against that feature and suggested improvements this problem was recognized by staff and this setup got changed.

    Or what to think about the economy? I don't really do much with rupees, I do collect them but in most cases I'm more into enjoying the process than the actual money (true story: there have been plenty of times where I had a great plan to make money by collecting & selling specific items, only to end up using the items myself or for other totally different purposes than making money :D).

    I like how the economy is actually working! I mean... take 1.9. Some people got a lot of money for selling their Elytra or their dragon head. Some even played it very smart by enchanting the Elytra and then auctioning it off as a single item because... it was enchanted (which allowed single quantities). But as supply steadily grew and more players started to sell them you also saw a primary rule in economics take effect: prices dropped. ("when supply rises while the demand stays the same the prices will drop").

    There's just so much to like about this server... :cool:

    But ok, my favorite activity also is mining. I really enjoy preparing myself for a field trip to either the wastelands, nether or an ocean monument and then trying to get as much loot from that as I can. I basically enjoy going to all areas but I get the most fun out of cave exploration. It's always cool to see what you might be discovering in the next room. Diamonds, iron or maybe an ancient library? ;)

    SO yeah... :)