What's your favorite resource pack?

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  1. The one I use is cobbled together from many official resource packs. As such, some resources are implemented in different ways than others. I have dubbed it- Warbeak. It's a high res pack, mostly resembles default textures, but better (plus some that I simply preferred over others). Oddly, I have to leave it open- compressing it into a .zip prevents it from being read. So if you choose to DL it, unzip it.

    [ Warbeak ]
    Caveat Emptor: Horse textures are slightly broken, along with their armor.

    So show me your resource packs, either with a link to location or DL (no viruses, plz).
    Warning: While my link is safe, I cannot guarantee the safety of subsequent private download links. Please make sure your antivirus software is up to date :)

    Also, I need a working set of horse textures and matching-resolution horse armor textures.
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  2. I use Visibility2-18, This resource pack incorporates cartoony look with Minecraft. It really brings the happiness out of squares :p
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  3. I just tested out visibility and didn't like it. I normally just use either the default pack or the OCD pack.
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  4. I normally stick with vanilla, but recently I also started to experiment with Faithful. I like it because it keeps the default look and enhances it very gently. I especially like the way they display redstone circuitry a bit better.
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  5. How close are these to faithful64? I use that now and love it. But they seem to be missing some 1.8 textures.
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  6. I like the Warbeak pack, but the items are a little hard for me to see. :p

    Currently, I'm using officialchanse's Purple Pack. It's a pretty nice PvP pack. I don't have a download link, as I got it from a pack folder release a few days ago (1.5 gb download). I can't link the video either because it has gameplay on another server. >_<

    And another pack... shouldn't say the name here. :p
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  7. Well what good are ya then!
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  9. I use default :p
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  10. ChromaHills. really enjoy the rpg theme, but i dont like how redstone and glowstone look a bit alike
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  12. I've never used a resource pack and don't really plan on using one to be honest, I've always liked default :p
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  16. OzoCraft has serviced me well for these past years, the textures are really detailed while still maintaining a balance that doesn't look cramped or messy. In my opinion, the quartz block is superior in this pack.
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  17. EvenTime has been my texturepack for preference. It's clean and it adds a little medieval to it without overdoing it.

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  18. I use a mix of the BlazePvP pack, Afs pack, Sphax, serenity, and hephsilat. I also changed some suff around as I also use it as my role play pack.
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  19. So many great responses so far! I'm checking them all out as I get time, thanks so much!
  20. I use a half done 16x pack. I can't remember where I found it. On days I feel like it I use a half done texture pack that I made based off of another 16x pack, I also can't remember where I found that.