Whats Your Favorite Pokemon?!

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What Pokemon Is Better?

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Articuno 7 vote(s) 77.8%
Haunter 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Heya Everyone!!

    I know there are a lot of people out there who love pokemon! I watch Pokemon, play pokemon, and trade pokemon cards. I have to say when I first discovered pokemon my favorite one was Oshawott but its been a while since that and now my favorite pokemon is Liepard and Ninetales!!

    Comment below your favorite pokemon!

    Gotta Catch Em All

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  2. Prinplup
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  3. <<<<<<<<<<<< (My Avatar is a big hint) P.S. This pokemon goes by the name of Dragonite
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  4. Shedinja, the pokemon with 1hp
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  5. My favorite pokemon is Charizard and my favorite legendary is Lugia :p
  6. Meganium
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  7. ....... but you want me to pick my favorite ONE? ONE? JUST ONE? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    lets see...
    pikachu, charmander, eevee, squirtle, arcanine, leafeon, mew... and like tons more. I CAN NOT PICK ONE DARNIT
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  8. Any that aren't keys.


  9. Oh but Au contraire, Klefki is actually plenty creative. There are several possible inspirations for it, with two being Tsukumogami, a concept in Japanese Folklore that items, once reaching 100 years old, become alive and self aware, and/or european fairies, small pixies who would steal/hide small or valuable objects, who were generally not Malicious, so, pranksters (*cough*guesswhatklefkisabailityis*cough*)
  10. Licky Licky because I just learned about him today and his name really gives me some respect for the fact that Pokemon can be so out of ideas as to create a Pokemon like that and yet still be rolling in the dough.

    EDIT: I meant Lickilicky but am not a Pokeperson so spelled it like it sounds. :p
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  11. Pikachu? It's the only Pokemon I know. :p (I hope I didn't mispell that xD)
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  12. whatever the name of the metal rhino is in ruby, i only played it once so i don't remember the name, i named it Rhinox
  13. It can also explode
  14. Klefki
    Seriously this is my favorite pokemon and I ended up naming mine "Eminem"
    You see, Eminem has a popular song called "Lose Yourself"
    Since you always end up losing your keys, it made perfect sense.
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  15. Greninja 100%, and on alpha sapphire I have him shiny :3
  16. Either Rhyhorn or Aron
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  17. Hmm, I was only really into Pokémon for the first one or two generations, and I would tend to say "Wobbuffet" if I was asked this question. That was basically only because of how silly he is, though; I don't actually know much about him nor use him in the games.

    Here, have a sprite combination of Wobbuffet and Wailord I apparently made over 8 years ago for some reason:


    Actually, I think that ^ is my favourite Pokémon. :p

    Dangit Brock, your breeding has gone too far this time!