What's your dream Game room?

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  1. In this thread you can posts Ideas of what you would want your gaming room(Or the place where you'd be the most on your house) to be?

    In some future where I'd work and shit... I'd make a whole room out of subwoofers like all walls,ceiling and floor. The PC would be in the middle the whole system with everything. I'm wanting to have 4 monitors and super computer :p

    I'm obsessed with electronic music and I guess this would give me my satisfaction from it :D
  2. I don't want anything flashy, give me a decent lightweight laptop, internet access, a soft flat surface like a mattress, a power, and a cosy warm dry hygienic room and I'm good to go :)
  3. all i want is a laptop and a couch:p
  4. which i s what i have:D
  5. ok maybe i need more thena couch and laptop......
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  6. I would have the best gaming pc there is out there with a 42 inch (not to big) TV in my room so i could connect my xbox up to it to. I would have a super comfy chair and a cool looking desk! This picture made me laugh!;)
  7. everything batman
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  8. -_- of course...
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  9. I never would have guessed!
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  10. /sarcasm
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  11. An alienware, an HD monitor, a R.A.T mouse, a keyboard, my axolotl's tank decorated to look like an 80's party, a fridge with jaffa cakes, lucozade, bourbon biscuits, tea, a vibrating pc chair for my back, a nice big desk to move my mouse...
    This would be my gaming setup :p
  12. Lots and lots of jaffa cakes and bourbons lol :D
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  13. no one loves me.. :(
  14. <-
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